Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lord of the Rings inspired fantasy RPG #1

In this RPG all of us are only human. We are one merchant widow (who runs the business now and has loads of money) named Lilja (Swedish for Lily) and her sword-for-hire named Evol. There's an orphaned 12-year-old girl who's something of a cleptomaniac. She's a tomboy, who hates girly stuff and taking baths (yup, that's my character). Oh, and her name is Neela. Then there's the cooky called Leithe and a knight called Runik.

We are all at an inn. Neela are walking around the guests and gets food thrown to her, but also recieves some kicks and empty cups while she tries to steal things from people's pockets and bags. The cooky Leithe stumbles over Neela and spills wine on Lilja's very expensive dress. Lilja wants compensation. The host refuses and Lilja is fully serious in her threat to burn down the inn. We all exit. Evol has a burning torch in his hand. The host is somewhat panicky hand has a weapon. Lilja throws some copper coins at him and declares that she has now bought his weapon. He attacks her. Evol sets fire to the inn's straw roof. Runik puts an arrow through the host's leg. The host crawls to the well to get water to put out the fire. From the well comes a grey, colourless hand that pulls the host down. From the well we can hear a chewing sound. Neela is very interested in Lilja's wagon. Lilja asks Neela to pick up the coins she threw at the host and asks her for how long she would consider herself employed for that amount of money. Neela pockets the 10 copper coins and is for three days an employee of Lilja's. Out of the back of the burning inn comes the most drunk people carrying the boar that would've served as dinner. One more disappears down the well and people start going to the river to fetch water for the fire. We make ourselves ready to leave.

It's dead quiet. No sounds of animals in the evening light. We find a shanty where the fire is still burning. Kind of big shanty. Runi knocks on the door. We can hear people quickly moving away from the door. They don't want to open. Neela is sent forward and manages to convince them to let them sleep in the barn for the night and just for a second the door opens and some blankets are thrown out. We light a fire outside the barn and Lilja asks Leithe to cook something that smells really good. Neela and Evol har afraid of the creatures of the night. They are watching us from the cabin. Lilja asks if they want food and that if they do they will have to come get it. Several children, a few women and a big man comes out. There's one boy about 14 years old who thinks Evol is the coolest thing he has ever seen. The boy himself tries to act cool and it all ends in a staring contest between the two. Runik is minding his own business and two children are talking over his head discussing what they think he's doing. Lilja are negotiating trade with the women and later the man. Neela is guarding the wagon and a girl in her own age wants to see what's inside. Neela says that she can't or she won't get any money or food. The girl says that Neela's mother is a bad person and Neela says she doesn't have a mother. That final comment makes the girl take Neela to one of the women and she's thoroughly nursed. The food runs out and Runik gives Leithe a bit of dried meat to do something with. It's dried meat from a nightcreature. This makes them all run back inside the cabin. ¨

We go inside the barn and make sure the wagon is inside with us. Following the advice of the man we put salt on the doorstep. Neela is bathed, has braided hair with flowers in it and she's wearing a dress. Her own clothes along with her slingshot are tied together in a very hard knot that she can't untie. A very pouty Neela goes to sleep with the rest. Evol can't sleep with worry. He unties Neela's knot. In the night the door opens and on the other side is a nightcreature. Evol rushes to his feet, but the creature stretches a hand toward him and the hand starts burning when it crosses the salt. The nightcreature takes off leaving the door open. Then he wakes up. It's morning again and the door is closed.

Neela changes back to her old clothes. Runik has gone out earlier. Lilja and the man negotiate and it's going well for Lilja. She recieves a very beautiful and valuable piece of jewelry in exchange for a year's supply of tools, iron, cloth and food. Lilja also puts up a route of what time her goods will arrive next year. When leaving Evol gives a knife to "his" boy. At a ford in a river we are stopped by a man with a big cane (he was named John Little by us, the players, and then we just waited for Robin Hood and the rest of his Merry Men) who's standing in the middle of the stream. The man claims that they can offer services to help us get over the very dangerous river (which he's standing in the middle of). He and Lilja negotiates. We notice that there are more men hidden in the bushes. John Little slaps Lilja and she gives a signal to Evol to attack. When he does we are attacked by the men in the bushes. Runik puts an arrow through a man in a tree who falls down and doesn't get up. Neela hides under the cape over the wagon with her slingshot at the ready. She hits John Little hard in the head. Evol attacks the same guy. Leithe is fighting a guy climbing the wagon with her frying pan (made us all thing of Rapunzel and Tangled). Lilja has stepped away from the fight between John Little and Evol. She kills another man coming at her with a knife. Another man climbs on the wagon and catches Neela. She screams and kicks. Runik kicks him in the head. The man is knocked out cold. Evol kills John Little. Leithe strikes down hard on the man climbing the wagon and he lands on his head. We tie down the unconscious ones to get the bounty. Neela empties the pockets of both dead and unconscious. She finds some wet tobacco leaves (she doesn't know what they're for and throws them in the river), some coins (that she gets to keep after asking Lilja) and a mouth harp that she gives to Lilja.

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