Sunday, 24 March 2013

Doing some geeking

Before you judge me - I've always said that The Sims 2 is what you make of it, if you have the imagination and know the cheats the game can become very funny.

These last few days my interest for The Sims 2 has re-awakened and I've started playing again. I'm working on that same old family again. Remember?

I'm gonna be geeking from this point on. Just a warning.

So, originally I created one girl and one guy. My story (I always start with a story) was that Sayumi met Bradley as a teenager. Bradley was an adult. Sayumi's parents did not approve of her relationship with Bradley and when they found out she was pregnant, they shunned her. She ran away with Bradley. They got married and built a great big house from scratch. Shortly thereafter Sayumi gave birth to twin girls. This was easy to fix. I made two adults and then cheated some with the aspiration points so that Bradley would have access to the Life Elixir. Using the boolprop-cheat I changed Bradley's age to one day before getting old and then got him to drinking the Life Elixir until he was only halfway through his adult stage. This made for him being much older than Sayumi. Using the boolprop-cheat again I made Sayumi pregnant with Bradley and then sped up her pregnancy, making for her to have been pregnant in her teens :)

And now the story starts. 

Sayumi and Bradley had seven children in total: Erina, Reina, Ai, Samuel, Momoko, Risako, and Jonathan, and then they became teenagers I got to have a lot of fun. I made Erina and Jonathan gay, Reina snuck out every night with her friends and almost always came back home in a police car, Ai feels misunderstood and runs away from home, and Samuel stops going to school in protest. Momoko gets pregnant (but miscarries) and Risako only love men twice her own age. They all grew up and moved out and started their own families (which meant I got to have fun and build houses). Most of them were having regular lives, however Risako married an old guy and started a family with him, and Ai and Samuel, who lived together, lived lives of passion and indulgence. Ai had Pleasure ambition and Samuel had Romance ambition. They both lived like tomorrow didn't matter and each had multiple lovers - Samuel being the worst since his lifetime want was to have 20 simultaneous lovers xD However Ai accidentally (not kidding, I didn't press Try for Baby) got pregnant, and started to slow things down. She later turned herself into a vampire. Samuel decided to get married in his old days.

Ai's story is actually kind of funny.

She got pregnant and her daughter kept nagging her about her father (not kidding she thought and talked about family all the time), and when Ginevra was grown up and had her own family Ai gave in and called her father. They met for the first time since Ginevra was concieved and they literally couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Once again they woohoo'd (didn't press Try for Baby) and Ai got pregnant again. Seriously wtf?! So I decided to marry them anyway and I made Brandon old just so it wouldn't be weird that he was younger than his daughter...

The houses I've built:

From left to right: The very first house, Erina & Reina's house, Ai & Samuel's house, Momoko & Risako's house, Adam & Bellatrix' house, apartment complex

Most of the strange families are in the third generation. Erina's and Willow's son Fenrir built a robot, which he fell in love with. Then he got abducted by aliens and gave birth to an alien baby at the same time he and the robot got married and adopted a child. Reina's and Erik's daughter Bellatrix' husband Clarence spent too much time in the garden and turned into a PlantSim. Risako's and Joe's son Charlie met a good witch and made himself a warlock. Jonathan's and Todd's daughter Evelyn made friends with the Leader of the Pack, got nibbled, and turned into a werewolf. Her husband was fascinated and on his request she made him into a werewolf too.

So I have a vampire, a robot, an alien, a plantsim, a good warlock, and two werewolves. All I need now is a zombie and an evil witch and I'll have it all. I've already chosen Roxie to be the evil witch when she grows up. The she'll have green skin (like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz), and she'll use her magic powers to resurrect her uncle Samuel and make him a zombie :)

This is the current family tree:
It's getting a little crowded in the fourth generation, but that's alright. They're no longer considered related by the game, so I'm gonna start connecting the branches again. Marissa will marry Maddox, Andromeda will marry Aidan, Roxie will marry Jimmy, and Joshua and Anthony will get to bring in "new blood" :P

And the fact that Imelda even exists is another accident. Jenna brought a guy home from work, she liked him and went on a date with him, which ended in her getting pregnant. They have sucky contraception methods obviously :P

I'm in control, I've got a bulletproof soul, and I'm full of self-esteem. I invented myself with no one's help, like a prototype supreme. I sit on my private throne and run my lifestyle all alone. Me, myself and I agree, we don't need nobody else. I never learned to bow, bend or crawl to any known authority. I really wanna build my statue tall. That's all. I'm just trying to be God. I only wanna be God. I just wanna be God. Why can't I be God? I got no time to take advice. I want to gamble with my eternity with a loaded dice. I don't need a preacher in my face when I'm the omnipresent ruler of the human race. Ain't gonna spend my life being no one's fool. I was born to rock and I was born to rule. But if I'm wrong on judgement day I'm royally screwed with hell to pay. I never learned to bow, bend or crawl to any known authority. I really wanna build my statue tall. That's all. I'm just trying to be God. I only wanna be God. I just wanna be God. Why can't I be God?

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