Thursday, 4 April 2013

TV nerdiness

I've been so busy with my dissertation lately that I haven't even had time to do all the fun stuff I usually do. I haven't even played The Sims since my last post. What I have done has mostly been to watch a lot of TV-series, cause that is what I do when I relax from reading and writing.

Friends. I'm at the 10th season again now and I don't want to watch anymore, cause if I do it'll end again.

Grey's Anatomy. I caught up only yesterday. I had half of the 8th season and half of the 9th to watch and I did it in three days xD Now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for next episode.

Game of Thrones. Halfway through the second season I tired  of it. But when I heard that the third season was soon to start I just had to catch up. And so I did, I watched the last three episodes of season 2 and then I saw the first episode of season 3 and now I'm all caught up in it again. I need the next episode!!!

Call the Midwife. When I finished with Grey's Anatomy I felt kind of restless. What to do. But apparantly this series had aired both a Christmas special and a second season since last time I watched it xD So I've been starting to catch up on this series too.

Sometimes when I want to relax and reboot my brain I take a walk while listening to music, or I just dance around crazily in my flat along with my favourite Japanese pop songs. Just recently I got my hands on all the Pucchi Best albums from Hello! Project and I've been reliving some of my old favourites.

What I really want to though, is to get started reading and writing again. But for fun and not cause I have to. But the dissertation and the homework just makes me want to stay away from books in general after I'm done with those I have to deal with :/

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