Sunday, 15 December 2013

Thoughts on Elder Scrolls

The more I play Skyrim, the more I want another Elder Scrolls game. And I know TESO will be released in April, but I would like an Elder Scrolls place that takes place in the 1st Era. I want a game with Dragons and a living Dragon Cult and living Dragon Priests. I want non-disappeared Dwemer and I want non-twisted not-enslaved Snow Elves (Falmer). I want Dwemer ruins and Blackreach to not be ruins, but be in their originally majestic state. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to play as a Snow Elf from before they were enslaved by the Dwemer! Imagine how cool it would be to play as a Dwemer and have one of their Dwemer cities as your home :o And since it's Dwemer the game area would reach across Skyrim and Solstheim and Morrowind and High Rock and Hammerfell...

As much as I would love a game that takes place in Black Marsh or Elsweyr or Valenwood or Summerset Isles, I would really really want a 1st Era game or a Merethic Era game. It would be cool to see if such a game could include other versions of elves like Maormer or Chimer.

It would also be cool if you could play as an Ayleid in Cyrodiil. People who say Skyrim hasn't have a good story and isn't as detailed as Morrowind and Oblivion haven't been paying attention. There's so much story in Skyrim, so much history. And it's living history. There's so much living interest in the Dwemer. And in the Dragon Cult and Dragon worshippings of the past. In Dawnguard DLC you get to know the Falmer from before they were twisted. In Oblivion all you get to know about the Ayleids is that they used to be there and now they're not. There's only one single mission where you have to go into an Ayleid ruin because the quest giver is interested in them. All other quests that involve Ayleid ruins are for completely different reasons. In Skyrim there's Calcelmo and Arniel, and Mjoll and Katria, all of whom asks the player to go into a Dwemer ruin because of the Dwemer.

So basically I would like a game that takes place all over Tamriel (as Arena did and as TESO will), but that takes place in the 1st Era. I know the 1st Era is huge, about 3000 years. But early 1st Era then, when the Dwemer were at war with the Falmer, Alessian Empire and all of that. It would be so cool. Any time in the 1st Era would be cool tbh. Merethic Era would be interesting too. The time before the people arrived to Tamriel. I want the first people. The time of elves and beastfolk. A game in the 1st Era would take place before all other games, but since that's what TESO will do, then it might not be entirely impossible? Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion takes place in the 3rd Era. Skyrim takes place in the 4th Era. TESO will take place in the 2nd Era. I would love a game in the 1st Era.

I admit I may have been nerding a bit too much Elder Scrolls lore. But I love that world.


  1. omg jag har tänkt så mycket på allt det där också! Det vore sååå awesome! Att se snow elfs i dess orginalform och alla ruinerna som dem var, det vore så episkt. Jag skulle gärna vilja att man kunde vara i Skyrim då, kanske en större map helt enkelt med alla länder vore nice. Så att man kan se de ruiner man stt och undersökt som dem var. Och ja, att kunna spela dragoncult som mainstory, jag mennar.. hela spelets story finns ju redan där och allt! Det vore så awesome!

  2. Precis! Åh Dragon Cult och Dragon worshipping som main quest line skulle vara awesome :3 Dwemer-riket sträckte ju sig från Hammerfell i väst till Morrowind i öst så blir det ett Dwemer-spel så kommer kartan antagligen vara så stor, eller hela världen.

    Och om du har Dawnguard DLC så får du träffa "the last Snow Elf" i slutet ;) Han är cool :3


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