Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bye bye, Second Doctor

I'm just done with the Second Doctor. I really enjoyed the First Doctor, but dammit the Second is better! He's funny and clumsy and a scatterbrain. He's playful and adventurous and optimistic. He's sort of clownish, and he's sometimes a child and sometimes an adult, depending on the situation. He's not as proper as First and a bit more modern. And he actually had me laughing out loud on several occasions. Catchphrase: "Oh, my word!" and "Oh, my giddy Aunt!" :P If First was an awesome grandpa character, then Second is a fantastic big brother sort of character. I'd like a brother like that.

Although I was sad to see First go, it was worse with Second and I actually postponed watching the last four stories for about two weeks, because I didn't want Second's run to end. Luckily I still have three more appearances of Second to look forward to: The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors.

The companions:
Ben & Polly. In the end I never did like Ben. But that may just be because he never got a moment to really shine. I did, however, enjoy Polly's presence. Especially during The Underwater Menace and The Moonbase. Both of them got a chance to shine during The Faceless Ones. I was a little sad to see them both leave on the same day they joined :P
Jamie. The one companion that belongs with Second. Jamie was introduced in the second ever story featuring the Second Doctor and he stayed with him throughout the rest of his run. I really like Jamie. Although he's from the 18th century and hadn't even learned to read and write he tries his best to understand what's going on. He's a quick learner and has no trouble learning all the new things. He also learns how to read. I love how he's always in a kilt :3
Victoria. My favourite female companion of the Second Doctor. Although she was from the 19th century and acted (what I think) was very typical for 19th century girls, she was brave and smart, but cautious. She left when she found a new family to take care of her. Her original encounter with the Doctor was when her father was killed by Daleks during The Evil of the Daleks. Her best story was The Tomb of the Cybermen.
Zoe. Sometimes I really like Zoe and sometimes I can't stand her. She's a genius and bases all her actions on logic. She also bases all her solutions on logic, but always forgets that people and anything with emotions don't always behave logically. Her dress sense is about as weird as the Doctor's and I always enjoy seeing her new outfits. Her best story was The Seeds of Death.

Favourite creatures:
Cybermen, Great Intelligence/Yetis, Quarks

Favourite stories: 

Least favourite stories:

Introducing: The Sonic Screwdriver! :D

Remember when the Doctor wrote a fanfiction about himself? :)

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