Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Farewell to the First Doctor

I have now come as far in Classic Who that it's time to say goodbye to William Hartnell and his First Doctor. The prospect of it was heartbreaking, similar to when 10th left. I liked 1st! I liked him a lot! And I didn't want him to go.

Hartnell's Doctor was childish, mischievous, cute, clever, stubborn, and funny. He had no time for ignorant 20th century humans, and got easily annoyed when Barbara and Ian didn't understand something to do with technology. He was stubborn enough to always try to get his way. He always took everything in his stride and watched in amusement while historical events unfolded. He also had a sentimental side and was always sad to see his companions go - even those that he didn't ask to come along to begin with.

The companions:
Susan. I never liked Susan. She was too childish, too loud, too pushy, too needy, too clingy. Susan had her prime time during the story The Sensorites, where she showed she could actually do something other than cower. I was actually relieved when the Doctor dumped her in 22nd century London after she had fallen in love.
Barbara & Ian. I didn't like any of them to begin with. They were too cliché 60's for me. But Barbara grew on me and she became someone I became attached to. She showed some self-confidence and ability to act on her own in the story The Aztecs. Ian had a big case of Macho and Manlyman and he never really grew on me. Though I was sad to see them both go. Barbara and Ian belong with 1st in the same way that Rose belongs with 10th and Amy and Rory belong with 11th. It doesn't feel right to have one without the other.
Vicki. She was my favourite 1st Doctor companion. Cute and very young, still she understood things and could easily get along both with 20th century Ian & Barbara and the Doctor. Being from 25th century Earth she called The Beatles classical music and she understood much more of the Doctors technological dravel and could translate to Ian and Barbara in a manner they understood. Vicki had a great relationship with the Doctor, and I really liked her. I was so sad when she decided to leave the Tardis and stay in Ancient Greece because she had fallen in love.
Steven. He never grew on me either. Steven had a big case of Hubris, and I don't think he was ever allowed to really shine in an episode. Felt no real sorrow when he left to help lead the recently united people of a planet (very Tin Woodman).
Katarina. It was obvious it would never work out long-term. Katarina was from Ancient Greece and she never really understood anything that happened around her. She seemed like a sweet girl, but she thought she moved among the gods and travelled with the gods.
Sara & Bret. Brother and sister. Only part of one single adventure and I never got any real picture of them. They seemed rash and haughty, both of them.
Dodo. She was obviously supposed to replace Susan and Vicki. I liked her more than Susan, but Vicki was my favourite. I think my favourite story with Dodo was The Celestial Toymaker. She was in too few episodes to leave a very clear impression.
Ben & Polly. Ben is the first male companion that I've come to like. He seems like a nice boy. He isn't macho and he doesn't believe he knows best all the time. I like Polly a lot. She seems like a practical woman who can think for herself.

Favourite creatures: Daleks, Cybermen and Sensorites.

“The Ood-Sphere. I’ve been to this solar system before — years ago. Ages. Close to the planet Sense-Sphere.” — Tenth Doctor,Planet of the Ood
TENTH DOCTOR: Ancient Rome, anything goes.  It’s like Soho…but bigger.DONNA: You’ve been here before, then?TENTH DOCTOR: Hm, ages ago.  Before you ask, that fire had nothing to do with me…well, a little bit.— The Fires of PompeiiHistory According to Doctor Who: The Doctor accidentally gave Nero the idea to burn down Rome. (The Romans)
History According to Doctor Who: Guess where Odysseus got the idea for the Trojan Horse. Go on, guess. (The Myth Makers)


  1. Hiya Elin, Greetings from North Carolina. This is my first visit to your blog ... I'm working my way through the entire run of Doctor Who (not doing it in order though) and like to read other folks' impressions of the stories as I write up mine.

    Borrowed one the GIFs above for my post about "The Gunfighters," hope you don't mind!

    Anyways, first time visiting someone's site I like to at least say 'hello', so this is me, saying 'hello' :)

    1. I wish more people would like to say 'hello' when they first visit :) Comments are always nice to get :)

      Why, if I may ask, don't you go through Doctor Who in the right order? :P I'd imagine things make more sense if you did.

      And sure you can borrow! :) I've borrowed them all from Tumblr anyway ;)

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