Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I watch too many TV-series

Another bad part about summer is that all TV-series go on break. And that's when I discover new ones and the pile of TV-series I follow is ever-growing. Here's a list of series I've watched this spring:

SPOILERS. Don't read if you haven't watched unil Grey's Anatomy S10E24
Grey's Anatomy. I've followed this series since it started back in 2005, and although the quality of the series isn't even close to what it was 9 years ago I still can't seem to stop watching it. But now I can feel the end approaching. Sandra Oh left the series. No more Cristina Yang. How can there be Grey without Yang? I'm not fond of how things played out in season 10. They can't give Bailey OCD and break down her tough exterior. Derek can't leave for DC. MerDer can't break up because of that, but there's a hint that they will. The only happy couple at the end of this series was Arizona and Callie. And then there's the promise of a fight between Bailey and Alex on who'll get Cristina's seat in the board. Probably Alex, but that'll just give Bailey more self-doubt. And I don't think she can deal with that. So much drama.

SPOILERS. Don't read if you haven't watched until Once Upon A Time S03E22
Once Upon A Time. I did get sort of sick of Peter Pan several episodes before he was defeated. So the introduction of Oz, was welcome when the season came back. I didn't like that Henry didn't know anything for most part of the second half. I really liked Zelena, too bad she had to die, and why did Neal have to die? :( And I love that Emma is finally in the book! This second half of the season was an awesome half for couples. RumBelle back together and married! Captain Swan is finally a thing! And I loved Outlaw Queen! I had been waiting for that for forever and it finally happened. And then Marian shows up and destroys it all :( I don't think there's a single fan out there who likes her now xD Everyone was rooting for Outlaw Queen. But I'm really excited for season 4. Frozen has entered Once Upon a Time. I'm slightly wondering if they're doing Frozen or Frozen-fied Ice Queen.

SPOILERS. Don't read if you haven't watched until Mad Men S07E07
Mad Men. I quit this series after the first episode of S06. But then I heard on TV that the new season was the final season ever, and I just had to catch up. Turns out the final season is split and the ultimate end won't air until spring 2015, but at least now I'm up to date. The only character I still like is Sally. She's the star of the show. I have a feeling Betty and Henry won't work out in the end. Megan and Don are finally getting a divorce! I never liked Megan and I still think Betty and Don should be together, no matter what they have between them. They fit. I loved the part where Margaret left her husband and son to be a hippie. It was glorious! Then there was the shooting of Martin Luther King and the moon landing. Both very cool to see. But this first half of S07 ended in tears as Bert Cooper died. Cooper was an awesome old man and I'll miss him in the second half. Then there's the fact that Don actually spilled the beans about his upbringing, growing up at a brothel. It got him in trouble, but I think he gained some respect from Sally. I'm excited about the end of this series!

SPOILERS. Don't read if you haven't watched until The Big Bang Theory S07E24
The Big Bang Theory. Things worked out for the best this season. Raj finally has a girlfriend! :D Penny and Leonard are getting married! And Sheldon is on some trip to grow up and find himself. It's well-needed but ofc Amy doesn't like it. Then there's Howard and Bernadette getting some experience in how it would be having a baby by caring for Howard's mother. Wonder if that's a hint that they're getting pregnant next season? :P

SPOILERS. Don't read if you haven't watched until Game of Thrones S04E10
Game of Thrones. Season 4 was amazing. The death of Joffrey. Tyrion's imprisonment and awesome speech: "I wish I was the monster you think I am." Sansa coming with Littlefinger to her aunt, only for the aunt to end up dead. How will Robin manage being the actual Lord of the Vale? I'm still shipping Brienne with Jaime, and didn't at all like when Brienne was sent to find Arya. Arya grew a lot as a person hanging out with The Hound. I can't help but feel a little sorry for Brienne who's still looking for Arya in the Vale, while Arya is on her way to Braavos. Stannis saved the Night's Watch's asses. That battle was awesome, btw, although I hate that Ygritte had to die. Bran making it to his tree was brilliant, but I really liked Jojen :( Wish he could've lived. Despite knowing that Bran had to make it to the tree and that Jon would've tried to stop him, I still wish Jon would've discovered Bran. First in the mill when he ran from Ygritte and got all those arrows in his back. And second at Craster's Farm. Both of them would've been so happy at the reunion. And then there's Jaime helping Tyrion to escape. Tyrion's got a friend in his brother. I don't think he'd ever expect that. Shae got what she had coming. But I really didn't think that Tyrion would kill Tywin. I sort of grew to like Tywin in a twisted way.

After I had finished Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Mad Men, I was a little torn to what I should watch next. I have a few series on hold and I asked on Facebook whether I should continue watching Pokémon, Classic Who or Lost. Instead I got a big heap of recommendations: Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, X-files, Torchwood, The Strain, Falling Skies, Terra Nova, Penny Dreadful, Girls, Supernatural, and The Addams Family.

So now I've started watching The Vampire Diaries. I saw the first episode and fell for it immediately. Now, two weeks later, I'm halfway through season 4. There was always a lot of action and I loved the first three seasons, but the first half of season 4 has been kind of slow and boring. Hopefully the last episode I saw was a turning point and the action will come back. Favourite character? Damon. I don't like Stefan one bit.

After I've caught up with The Vampire Diaries I'm probably going to watch the only single season of Terra Nova and then probably some Classic Who (I have to get past the boring Third Doctor). Maybe I'll restart watching Fringe with Toni too.

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