Monday, 30 June 2014

The Hunger Games and Skulduggery Pleasant

So the last two books I've read have been fairly light. I read the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy and I was sort of disappointed. I liked the movie more than the book. The movie was really close to the book, they managed to have pretty much everything from the book in the movie, which should tell you a great deal about the contents of the book. It's not much, it's not very advanced and it's not very detailed. To begin with the images I had of book-Katniss and movie-Katniss really clashed. Katniss is supposed to be small-ish and dangerously thin. Jennifer Lawrence is none of those things. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but couldn't the caster have found someone more like Katniss to play her? But there's something about the book, something that draws you in although you're not a fan. When the games started I couldn't tear myself from the book and although I was disappointed by it I'm still excited to read the other two books in the series. So I'm kind of torn.

The other book, which I finished yesterday, is the second novel in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. According to this old blog post I've already read it, which is weird because I don't remember reading it. I usually remember everything that happens in a book and when I re-read them it's just to relive old memories. Skulduggery Pleasant is a childrens series. On the back of the book it says 9+, but the humour in it is just too good. I can tell while reading that it's aimed at a younger audience than me, but I'm still laughing out loud while reading it cause the humour is just too good.

"I'm not weird like that. I'm good weird. I'm cool weird."
- Valkyrie Cain

Tanith Low: "I've got some shackles with your name on them."
Billy-Ray Sanguine: "Shackles can't hold me, pretty lady. I'm immune to just every binding spell I reckon you ever heard of, and a few more you haven't. That's what makes me special."
Tanith Low: "That and your Psychopathic tendencies."
Billy-Ray Sanguine: "Oh, those don't make me special. They just make me fun."

"What is it with you women? You come into our lives, you take everythin'! Throughout the years you got little pieces of me, of my very soul, and now? Now you got my damn straight razor! How am I supposed to kill people? How am I supposed to even shave?"
- Billy-Ray Sanguine

Brobding the giant: "I'm gonna kill you. Want you to know, it's nothing personal."
Skulduggery Pleasant: "That's good to hear. In which case, I'm going to knock you down and hit you with the pool table, and Iwant you to know, it's nothing personal either."

"Whatever you do, do not fall over. Falling over, I think, would be the wrong move to make at this moment."
- Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery: "It's not him. Idon't know what they are, but there are dozens of them, relatively small, moving as a pack."
Valkyrie: "They might be kittens."
Skulduggery: "They're stalking us."
Valkyrie: "They might be shy."
Skulduggery: "I don't think it's kittens, Valkyrie."
Valkyrie: "Puppies, then?"

Kenspeckle: "Have you eaten?"
Valkyrie: "One of your assistants brought me a burger for breakfast."
Kenspeckle: "I meant, have you eaten sensibly?"
Valkyrie: "I was very sensible while I was eating the burger. Didn't miss my mouth once."

Just that weird sense of humour keeps me reading this series. 

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