Monday, 25 August 2014

Dealing with backlog: The Wolf Among Us

A problem with playing an MMO is that you tend to get a whole lot of backlog of other games. I intend to deal with that... Somehow xD I started yesterday evening when I decided to finish playing The Wolf Among Us.

I started playing it ages ago when the first episode was released since it was Telltale and I usually like Telltale Games. But although there was some weird stuff going on it never really got to me. I played the second episode too when it was released, but after that I didn't start the game again until yesterday.

That's when I discovered that everything up until episode 3 had just been a prologue. Shit really hit the fan in episode 3 and after getting into episode 3 I wouldn't be able to stop playing the rest even if I wanted to.

The ending of episode 3 was insane. That final battle. Omg. O_o

Although episode 4 was mostly investigating and not that much action it was still really really intriguing and you could feel the end approaching.

Then episode 5... Epic battle against a pretty creepy opponent. But Bigby is friggin' awesome in his original form.

If you haven't played it - do it. You won't be disappointed. The game starts off slow, but it more than makes up for it in episode 3 and on. The first two episodes leads you on and gives you an opinion of who the bad guy is. In episode 3 you get a hint that it's so much bigger than that. And it really is SO much bigger than those first two episodes tell you. 

I played a mostly nice Bigby Wolf. Although I did kill and backstab characters that weren't nice to me ;) But I have a hunch that the game would turn out and end very differently if I had played a douche bag Bigby. 

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