Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sailor Moon

It's 15 years ago since I watched this show. But I decided I had to do it again and this time in its original Japanese.

The intro was nothing like the one in Swedish that I'm accustomed to, same with the outro. I can see how the show appealed to me when I was 9 years old, and tbh until the very last two episodes the best part of every single episode is the transformation scene. You know what's funny? Looking through all those 46 episodes of the first season I have learned Usagi's (that's Annie's in the English/Swedish vers.) catch phrases by heart in Japanese, but I don't know them in Swedish. But, to be completely honest - the Japanese intro is better ;)

The story was so slow. Probably due to it being an anime and it thus being full of fillers. Also it was a bitch to watch to begin with because I never liked Usagi. I always thought of her as an incredibly annoying pain in the ass, and I was so grateful when the others started showing up. Ami was nice. I love her persona and her equipment (probably because I can relate to her), Rei is necessary to bring Usagi down to earth, but my favourite Sailor Senshi (that's 'warrior') is Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, she's badass and tough and takes no bullshit. Why couldn't she have been the protagonist? That would've made for such an interesting and cool show!

But generally the show was slow. Too many fillers, too long to gather the rainbow crystals, too much dallying around with Jadeite, too much cluelessness with the princess... It took too long to get going and I thought about dropping the show altogether more than once.

I really liked Naru and Nephrite and I had begun shipping them long before Nephrite's final episode. That was one of the better episodes of the show and it also had me crying my eyes out. But they are so cute together! ^_^

Couldn't find it subbed ^^;

I also liked Zoisite and his relationship with Kunzite. However, I didn't like Kunzite :P

The last two episodes of the season along with Nephrite's last episode were the best ones in the entire show and those three sort of made it all worth it. I will continute watching, because I want to see the other Sailor Senshi too, and I want to see how Sailor Moon Crystal differs from the original :)

Is it a sign that I've studied too much Japanese if I unconciously analyse their way of speaking during every episode?


  1. Åh! hart vart sugen på att se om sailor moon ett tag också så denna posten kom ju lägligt! ^w^ minns inte vad karaktärerna heter men min favorit sailor scout var/är hon med storm/elektricitet! :D Vill se om den och sen se allt det nya också.

    1. Jag blev lite besviken faktiskt för jag kom ihåg serien som mycket bättre :P Men det blir väl så antar jag...
      Det är Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto som är elektricitet! :D Alltså min favorit också!


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