Monday, 2 February 2015

Manga tag!

No, I wasn't tagged but I do this anyway - and I'm not gonna tag anyone either - so sue me! :D

Dodger did this on her channel and I was inspired!

1. What was your first manga?
I think the first one I read was Chobits. It was in a Swedish manga magazine called Manga Mania and Chii was on the cover and I thought she was so cute! :3 (I still do)

2. What was your most expensive manga?
Hmm. I don't buy much manga anymore. And last time I did prices were as follow: 59 SEK (€6) for Swedish translated manga, 110 SEK (€12) for American English translated imported manga (specifically TokyoPop, Dark Horse was always even more expensive) and about 70 SEK (€7,5) for original Japanese manga. I think the most expensive one I ever bought was the first volume of Azumanga Daioh or it may have been the first volume of School Rumble. Either one. American copies.

3. What was your least expensive manga?
Any Swedish volume. I had over 40 volumes of One Piece once...

4. What is the most boring manga you own?
I don't own it anymore for obvious reasons, but back when I was crazy about everything manga I got my hands on anything the book shop could offer (which in southern Sweden wasn't anything much in the early 00s). So the most boring manga I ever owned, imo, was Tokyo Mew Mew.

5. What is your favourite manga (series)?
Back in the day One Piece would've won. Today the battle stands between Godchild and Death Note. Those are the only complete series that I still own, because it breaks my heart to sell them or throw them away. I love them too much!

6. What is the most relatable manga you own?
Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo! Japanese that Japanese don't know :P

7. What is one manga you own that is based off of an anime?
First volume of Code Geass in Japanese!

8. What is your rarest manga?
Possibly, Watashi no Suki na Hito? I had a period where I collected everything CLAMP had made. This was a chance encounter and a must-buy!

9. One of your reprinted manga?
Revamped Legal Drug? Except that it's now called Drug & Drop. I have the first volume in Japanese.

10. The most popular manga series you own?
Well, I used to collect both Naruto and One Piece :P But as of right now I'd say Death Note.

11. What is the most damaged manga you own?
I don't damage my manga? :P But if I'm to be picky it's Ju-On -video slide-

12. Which manga has the most amazing art?
I love Kaori Yuki! I started a collection of her work before my manga interest went mostly AWOL. Fairy Cube and Godchild are amazing!

13. Oldest published manga you own?
Easy! It's a Japanese comic from the 70s, bought by my grandfather when he was in Tokyo :P

14. Newest published manga you own?
Oh... Probably the first volume of Durarara!! in Japanese

15. A recent manga that you purchased?
I believe it was the first volume of Drug & Drop in Japanese.

There! This was fun :) And a nice change from the constant Dragon Age posts, right? ;)

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