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My two Dragon Age world states

If there's one game series with replay value, then it's the Dragon Age series. So I've played every game twice :P Here are my two world states (I wish I could just import the tapestry videos from Dragon Age Keep, but EA aren't that smart apparantly):

First playthrough:

Dragon Age: Origins:
Female city elf warrior named Kallian Tabris. She's still alive after the end of the Blight. Romanced Alistair and he remained with the Wardens, enabling Anora to continue being the queen. For the quest with the Dalish elves I chose neither side and remained neutral with the result that I had to fight Zathrian and the curse was thus ended. In Orzammar I chose to ally with Harrowmont, and in the Circle I sided with the templars, which resulted in Wynne's death so I never got her as a companion. I never got Zevran either as I, in this playthrough, basically killed everything. He tries to kill me? Then I kill him. I saved Redcliffe by sacrificing Isolde, allowing Connor to live. But I did not defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes when I went to get that. I killed Loghain in a duel, and I had Morrigan do her ritual with Alistair so neither of us would die. For Awakening I killed the Architect, chose to let Amaranthine fall to preserve my Keep, let Nathaniel live, but didn't reunite Oghren and Felsi since that quest was never given to me. In Witch Hunt I let Morrigan go through the eluvian and I didn't follow or stab her. In Warden's Keep I killed Sophia and let Avernus live and continue his research. In Stone Prisoner I didn't manage to save Amalia, but I recruited Shale.

Dragon Age 2:
Elia Hawke. Female rogue. Humorous. Romanced Merrill. Joined the smugglers to be able to enter Kirkwall. I killed everyone who opposed me and joked about everything. I sided with the templars on everything, although my sister was sent to the Circle. Turned rebellious mages over to the templars, sent Feynriel to the Circle, kicked Keran out of the templars for being a danger of possession, blackmailed Ser Thrask because of his abomination sister, had Feynriel made Tranquil, sent the escaped mages back to the Circle, handed the conspirators over to Meredith, and executed Anders. I killed the Arishok and his entourage. I rescued Nathaniel in the Deep Roads. I killed Merrill's entire clan, but let her keep the eluvian. I sided with Larius in Legacy DLC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition:
Female Dalish elf rogue named Ellana Lavellan. Romanced Solas and was heartbroken. Sided with the mages and made them my allies, and met Connor in Redcliffe. I didn't manage to save anyone when Haven fell apart. I met Alistair as Hawke's Warden friend and ended up physically in the Fade with my party and those two. In the heart-wrenching decision of who should stay behind I chose Hawke, and had Alistair return with me only to exile the Wardens. I allowed Celene to die so Gaspard could take the throne, closely watched and steered by Briala. I kicked Sera out of the Inquisition after Halamshiral. At the Temple of Mythal I chose to do the Petitioner's Path, allied with the Sentinels against the Red Templars, and then let Morrigan drink from the Well of Sorrows. I supported Leliana as the new Divine, which happened.

Second playthrough:

Dragon Age: Origins:
Female Dalish elf rogue named Teia Mahariel. She's still alive after the end of the Blight. Romanced Zevran. For the quest with the Dalish elves I chose to align myself with the Dalish, killing Witherfang, allowing the curse to continue, and letting Zathrian live. In Orzammar I allied with Bhelen, and in the Circle I allied with the mages. I recruited both Wynne and Zevran this time around. I saved Redcliffe by killing Connor and the demon that possessed him, and I still did not defile the Urn. I had planned to have Alistair and Anora marry, but since my rogue couldn't defeat Loghain in single combat I had Alistair do it and thus Anora refused to marry him. Still Alistair became king and Anora was locked away. I still had Morrigan do her ritual with Alistair. In Awakening I allied with the Architect against the Mother, allowing him to live. I managed to save both the Keep and Amaranthine, let Nathaniel live, and reunited Oghren and Felsi. Witch Hunt was the same... In Warden's Keep I allied with Sophia and killed Avernus. In Stone Prisoner I managed to save both Amalia and her father and recruit Shale.

Dragon Age 2:
Marian Hawke. Female rogue. Diplomatic. Romanced Anders. Joined the mercenaries to be able to enter Kirkwall. Took Bethany with me into the Deep Roads where she contracted the Blight, but Anders took her to Stroud and had her saved. I sided with the mages on everything this time and I tried not to kill anyone (except stupid templars). I sent Feynriel to the Dalish, but still made him Tranquil because he asked me to. I had a high enough friendship with Isabela for her to return with the Tome of Koslun and I allowed the Qunari to take her back to Par Vollen with them, so I didn't have to kill the Arishok. I allowed the escaped mages to go free, and I handed the conspirators to Orsino. I rescued Nathaniel and let Anders live. I managed to save Merrill's clan, and had her destroy the eluvian. I once again sided with Larius in Legacy DLC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition:
Female Dalish elf rogue named Ariana Lavellan. Romanced Cullen and lived happily ever after. Once again sided with the mages, and saved all but one when Haven fell apart. I met Hawke's Warden friend Stroud and when I ended up in the Fade with them I chose to save Hawke this time. I also recruited the Wardens as my allies. I sided with Celene and reunited her with Briala. I made Florianne's treason and betrayal public and sentenced her to farm work. I became best friends with Sera and had a lot of roof time with her. At the Temple of Mythal I once again chose the Petitioner's Path and allied with the Sentinels, but this time I chose to drink from the Well of Sorrows myself. I allied myself with the Guardian of Mythal - a dragon. I supported Vivienne as the new Divine, but still the title went to Leliana.

I just realised that almost all my characters have red hair and are very pale. Except for two who have black hair but are still really pale. Interestingly, my favourite characters to play have been Teia, Elia, and Ariana. All the ones who took nothing seriously and joked about everything.

I'm still not sure I'm entirely done with this series. But I won't play for a while. I need to step away to gain some perspective. Would be interesting to play the series as a mage, though. And maybe male?

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