Saturday, 10 January 2015

The evolution of the qunari

1). Dragon Age: Origins - Sten
2). Dragon Age 2 - Arishok
3). Dragon Age: Inquisition - Iron Bull

I started playing Origins again and suddenly it feels very weird to have the qunari without horns and without the pointed ears, which is weird because I remember that when I started playing 2 I wondered what the hell they had done to Sten's people.

But this time around I'm making sure to become close friends with all my companions (buy a huge bunch of thoughtful gifts from Bodahn), and suddenly Sten's adorable. I asked him if there was anything at all he liked about Ferelden and his answer was... cookies! Sten loves cookies! :3 The badass, giant, moody, broody Sten loves cookies! ^w^

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