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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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I started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on December 22nd and I finished today. Just over two weeks and almost 100 hours later. So if you wonder about the lack of posts here lately, this game is the answer. I love massive RPGs with immersive worlds and DAI was no exception. It's massive to the point that I always found new quests when I thought I was finished with an area. There was always something to do. I love that. Now I'm impatiently awaiting the DLC that was so obviously hinted in the final scenes of DAI.

I have a thing for elves. If I could've made an elven Hawke in 2 I would've. Instead I had her romance both Fenris and Merrill. My Warden in Origins was a city elf. My Inquisitor is Dalish, and she romanced Solas. (If you only knew how much I'm seriously considering replaying Origins as a Dalish and romancing Zevran... I might just do that, I don't feel done with Thedas yet. Just give me time and Thedas will be up there with Tamriel, just you wait ;)) I have encountered very few elves in DA, whom I haven't liked. Sera is an unfortunate exception. I just found her annoying, especially after I completed the quest in the Winter Palace and she was so condescending about me being no better than the stiff noble assholes. At that point I sent her away. If you don't like it - there's the door. Goodbye. But there's still no character that I've loved as much as I've loved Merrill. Incoming: awesome elves!
Zevran, Fenris, Merrill, Sera, Solas
Merrill, Fenris, Sketch, Velanna, Zevran, Ariane
Fenris, Zevran, Solas

I loved DAI from the get go. The hours I spent at work just putting stuff in boxes I was running around Thedas in my head. Especially imagining different romance angles and things to come. Corypheus had me dumb-founded from the start. I killed him! I swear I killed him in DA2 Legacy DLC. The hell is he doing alive?! What business does he have to still be around? How many friggin times will I have to kill you? But I can't deny that it was an epic main quest and the final scenes... holy shit! O_o I'm so excited for further story based DLCs (no more shitty extra equipment). I loved how big part elven culture, heritage and history played in DAI and it got so interesting because my Inquisitor is Dalish (I decorated all of Skyhold in Dalish designs #sorrynotsorry).

It got a little annoying to be running around closing rifts. That probably turned into the most grindy, boring, necessary part imo. I started comparing them to Anchors in ESO that you just have to do, but the novelty of them wears off pretty quick. But the Anchors are more epic than rifts so they get more points there. I never grew tired of looking for shards or completing astrariums. Although both of those things could drive me insane. Especially when trying to find a way up on that cliff where that friggin shard is. I can see it on spy cam through the friggin rock, but how the hell do I get up there?!?!?! I think I only had to google help for two astrariums. I'm feeling kind of proud of that. Also the general confusion over the fact that my char could jump in a DA game was funny in retrospect. In earlier DA games space has been the pause button. So every time a fight was beginning in DAI my char started jumping about the place. It was mostly annoying until I got used to it, but now it's funny.

Then there are the characters. I miss Sandal. When I was going to appoint an arcanist for Skyhold I hoped that it would be him. It wasn't, but I felt somewhat rectified by it being Dagna. Although, how she can be just as flimsy at 30 as she was at 19 is beyond me :P I love Varric. I was having a hard time with Cassandra to begin with, but she grew on me (especially after I found out she's a fellow fangirl). Solas went to my heart directly, as did Dorian, and Iron Bull. All four of them have been subjected to my flirting Inquisitor. Cole went straight to my heart, similar to the way Merrill did, but unlike Merrill he never really nested there. I was always neutral towards Blackwall, although his revelation almost made me fall off my chair. Then there's Vivienne and Sera. I never liked any of them. For being so different they're so alike. Both of them believe themselves and their way of life and their beliefs to be better than anyone else's. For someone who's not superior at all, Sera really seemed to have a kind of superiority complex, like she believed herself to be better because she wasn't playing the Game, and anyone who tried their hand at the Game was worthy of resentment.

The companions: Cullen, Vivienne, Varric, Cole, Solas, Cassandra, (player), Iron Bull, Dorian, Leliana, Sera, Josephine, Blackwall

I was thrilled to see Leliana, Morrigan, Alistair, Cullen, and Hawke again. Meeting my Hawke in-game felt like running into myself. It was hilarious! The fact that my Hawke was humorous in 2 made everything a lot funnier, because she retained her sharp tongue and sense of humour. I was sort of hoping that she'd bring Merrill (her wife) with her to Skyhold, and was disappointed when Merrill didn't show. And I loved Alistair's parting words: "Tell Morrigan... just tell her I stood there looking foolish." :') I cried at how sad Varric became after he found out that Hawke died in the fade. I was devastated when I had to make the impossible decision between leaving Hawke behind or leaving Alistair behind. I chose to leave Hawke behind because Alistair and my Warden is my OTP and I just couldn't break them up, especially not after Alistair told my Inquisitor about the argument they had about who'd go out and look for a way to cure the Calling. At first I thought Alistair was being a bit of a pushover, but then I thought "You try arguing with the woman who personally fought an Archdemon and lived to tell the tale." Point taken. Alistair is still adorably in love, though, that much was obvious. 10 years later and he's still adorably in love! :3

Also I just found out that if the Inquisitor doesn't romance neither Dorian nor Iron Bull they end up as a couple. *fangirling overload* (*0*)


  1. Läste inte för vill inte ha spoilers >.< MEN! Gav V det i julklapp o han håller på med det nu och det verkar SÅ ROLIGT!
    Hur många speltimmar tog det dig? Kan knappt bärga mig...

    1. Jag var väldigt noga med att inte spoila något från storyn eller hur något hänger ihop. Det enda jag berättat är vilka karaktärer från de två föregående spelen som dykt upp i det nya spelet, men det har ingen betydelse om du inte spelat de två första ;) Så det borde nog vara lugnt för dig att läsa om du vill ^^
      Det är sjukt kul! Tog mig 94 timmar på min första playthrough, men då tog jag mig inte direkt tid att läsa igenom all lore, så det kommer nog ta längre tid nästa gång då jag planerat att göra det ^^ Jag rekommenderar att du spelar igenom de två första spelen först. Även efter jag spelat tredje så tycker jag det absolut första är bäst och jag håller på att spela igenom det igen nu för att bygga ett nytt world state att ladda in i en andra playthrough av Inquisition :) Sjukt bra spelserie! Också med tanke på att man kan spela på olika sätt och välja olika sidor, olika karaktärer, bakgrunder och klasser som alla bygger ihop väldigt olika stories. Och saker som hänt i föregående spel visar sig i nästa spel osv. Både jag och sambon har spelat Inquisition samtidigt och våra spel har inte formats likadant. Dels för att vi hade olika världar laddade från våra tidigare spel och dels för att vi gjorde olika val under spelets gång :)


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