Thursday, 18 December 2014

More Dragon Age stuffs!!! :D

I'm in fangirl mode. I want to go back to Thedas so bad, but I can't get my hands on Dragon Age 3 until after Xmas cause I don't know if the game will be a gift for me... So I can't buy it myself because of that reason :P But I found this 30-day challenge on tumblr, and like always I'm gonna do all the questions in one go!

1. Favourite Dragon Age game?
I'm still very much inside the story of Dragon Age 2 and running around in Kirkwall. But there's no way 2 is better than Origins. So Origins, it is. No big surprise there, right?

2. Favourite character?
I would so like to say Alistair, but Merrill stole my heart.

3. Least favourite character?
Good question. I always had trouble with Sten, but I didn't really dislike him... I guess I'm gonna have to say Anders in 2. I really liked both Anders and Justice in Awakening, but them mashed up together in 2 just made me angry. Sorry, Anders.

4. Favourite love interest?
ALISTAIR! He is so friggin cute :3

5. Least favourite love interest?
I had way too much fun with the romance in both games... I don't even know if I have one. I think I have to say Anders again. Because of all the secrecy and the way he broke my char's heart... Not even Fenris did that when he walked away...

6. Your Warden's story?
She's named Kallian and she's a city elf, so she had the city elf beginning of going to be force-wed to a human noble. Her best friend Shianni accidentally killed the one she'd marry, all hell breaks loose and she somehow finds herself being saved from the noose by Duncan. She sided with Lord Harrowmont in Orzammar, and the elves in the Brecilian Forest, and she let Connor's mom (totally forgot her name) sacrifice herself in order to save her son. And also she let Morrigan perform her ritual with Alistair so none of them would have to die to kill the archdemon. Does that about cover it? I think so...

7. Favourite quest?
Wow. Erm. I tend to like the companion quests more than the main story. That was true for both Origins and 2. I felt closer to the companions somehow. But I can't pick a favourite.

8. Least favourite quest?
Easily the one ending with having to kill all of the Dalish at Sundermount in Dragon Age 2. I've never felt so terrible.

9. Favourite class?
I tried for mage in Origins at first, but I tend to have a hard time with mages in any RPG. Don't know why. But for my second try I thought "fuck it, warrior is said to be the easiest class let's go with that one". So I did. But for Dragon Age 2 I picked rogue, because normally I do a rogue-type in all RPGs. I preferred rogue in DA too.

10. Favourite party banter?
Anything involving Alistair in Origins. Then picture having Fenris and Merrill in the same party. There you go. Best banter ever.
"But your face might crack if you smile so be careful." - Merrill to Fenris

11. Favourite song from the soundtracks?
Oh... Probably the main theme from Origins. I tend not to pay attention to those things... ^^;

12. OTP?
My own character with Alistair in Origins. They were seriously so damn cute together that I sat and actually squealed every time they were romantic ^^;

13. Mages or Templars?
If it wasn't for the fact that blood magic exists I would've said mages. But now it does, so templars.

14. Character you wish was a romance option?

15. Your favourite Bro?
Leliana in Origins. Merrill in 2.

16. Your ultimate team from all games?
Origins: Leliana, Morrigan, Alistair
Awakening: Nathaniel, Anders, Justice
2.1: Fenris, Merrill, Anders
2.2: Fenris, Isabela, Sebastian

17. Favourite Origins story?
Shale's background story.

18. Character you are most like?
I want to say someone cool like Morrigan :P But I think I have to say Merrill; cute, intelligent, awkward, and a bit too trusting.

19. Character who'd be your best friend?
Alistair. Definitely. Possibly both Nathaniel and Anders. Also definitely Varric. Merrill is definitely in there too.

20. Character you wouldn't get along with?
I really like both Leliana and Sebastian, but IRL I tend to have a hard time around religious people...

21. Favourite villain?
The Architect. You know, I almost spared him just cause I liked him...

22. Favourite NPC?

23. Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most?
Leandra dying in 2. I cried. I hardly ever cry because of games. But this time I did.

24. Most shocking scene?
See above.

25. Scene that made you cry?
See above.

26. Crack OTP?
What does that even mean? O_o

27. Best part of the game?
The epic dragon fights in Origins (the archdemon and the high dragon on the mountain). The epic boss fight against Meredith in 2. Also the romance in both. I love the romance!

28. Worst part of the game?
Honestly? The getting stopped by various enemies attacking out of nowhere while trying to travel somewhere in Origins! GET OUTTA MY WAY FUCKERS I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU!

29. If you made a deal with a demon what would your bargain be?
It would definitely be a desire demon. There's so much I want. But I have no idea what I want the most. I can't say.

30. Hopes for Dragon Age 3?
That I'll meet my old characters in-game! THAT WOULD BE SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

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