Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dragon Age: Origins has been completed

After years of being nagged suggested by guy friends to play Dragon Age, I finally picked up Origins in 2012, but I just couldn't get into the story. I tried again in 2013 and it was the same thing. Then when Dragon Age 3 was released a couple of weeks ago I decided to get through it, because the Internet basically exploded with Dragon Age and I always want to know what the hell is going on. But I didn't have the energy to start over with the prologue again so I decided to continue with the save I started in 2013. In that save I had completed the city elf prologue and the battle of Ostagar, been saved by Flemeth, been given Morrigan, met Leliana and Sten, lost Lothering, and found my way to Redcliffe. So that's where I was when I picked up the story. I didn't remember all of that when I picked it up, but as I played the holes were filled.

It soon became obvious that I had quit playing just before the action really started and it didn't take long for me to really get into the game and become completely addicted. I had chosen to play as a female city elf and it was a lot of fun, despite the blatant racism in the game towards elves (although I'm kinda used to that from Elder Scrolls). I soon had my favourite team that I picked every time I left camp; Leliana, Alistair, and Morrigan. I apparantly missed two companions; Wynne and Zevran. Zevran was sent by Loghain as an assassin to kill me so I killed him. Wynne didn't like that I sided with the templars during the quest in the Circle's tower so she challenged me to a battle and died. Otherwise I got them all :) I knew that the game had romance options and to begin with I had decided to go for Leliana as she was the my first favourite character. But the romance options showed up for Alistair before they showed up for Leliana so I decided to go for Alistair, and it was the best move ever! Alistair is incredibly cute. Before I knew it the love story around Alistair became the ground work for every decision I made. I decided not to make Alistair king because he didn't want to and that would separate us. I figured an unhappy king would make a bad king. I didn't force-marry him to Anora cause that would also qualify as an unhappy king. The love story was also the reason why I decided to go along with Morrigan's ritual so that none of us would have to die. 
The companions: Ohgren, Leliana, Sten, Morrigan, (player), dog, Alistair, Wynne, Zevran, Shale

I continued on with Awakening DLC and for a really long time I wanted to find Alistair, but then I read on the wiki that he wouldn't show unless he was made king in the base game. Too bad. But then in the epilogue it showed up that the Grey Warden only stayed in Amaranthine for a short while and then went away to be with Alistair. That made me squeal. Such a fangirl :3 I really liked both Anders and Nathaniel however. Would've been fun to flirt a bit with either of them, but the DLCs don't have romance. My default group in Awakening became Nathaniel, Anders, and Justice. It was also nice to see Ohgren make a comeback in the DLC :)
The companions: Velanna, Nathaniel, Ohgren, (player), Anders, Sigrun, Justice

Then I played Witch Hunt, Leliana's Song, The Golems of Angarrak, and The Darkspawn Chronicles - in that order. Witch Hunt was very interesting and I really liked Finn and the short reunion with Morrigan was so worth it ^^ Leliana's Song told the story (in a kind of Kill Bill style) what happened when Leliana broke it off with Marjolaine. It was a lot of fun to play through that story, especially with the catchy and fun background music. The Golems of Angarrak had the hardest final boss fight in the entire game. To the point where all of my characters were dead except Brogan who successfully (and with the help of the humongous pile of health potions I had collected throughout base game and DLCs) defeated the disgusting Harvester. I didn't play much of The Darkspawn Chronicles tbh. I started it and then got as far as having to kill the Arl. No health potions and my darkspawn outnumbered five-to-one... Yeah... No. Also I really liked Denerim as a city so it felt like betrayal to be the forces to attack and destroy it. 
Companions of the small DLCs: Ariane & Finn (& dog) from Witch Hunt, Sketch, Tug & Silas from Leliana's Song, Jerrik, Snug, Golem & Brogan from Golems of Angarrak

I finished The Golems of Angarrak and The Darkspawn Chronicles yesterday and immediately after that I started up Dragon Age 2. I have heard a lot of bad things about that game, but thus far I don't think it's that different from Origins. Tbf I haven't left Kirkwall yet. I love all the references to what I did in Origins! And I squealed when Anders showed up! My female Hawke is so getting together with him!

And I had planned on having lots of screenshots in this post, but since DA:O refuses to upload the screenshots to my online profile, and Origin doesn't have a screenshot button that saves screenshots to my computer... that proved impossible. So all pictures in this post is from the courtesy of Google. 

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  1. Hahah samma för mig! Höll på igen för några veckor sedan men sen så tar det stopp.... har dock också tänkt spela igenom det då jag är så väldans sugen på det nya :3


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