Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dragon Age 2 is done - twice!

I've played through Dragon Age 2 twice since my last post... That's twice in a week xD I expected something really bad and extremely different from Origins, because I haven't encountered ANYONE who's had anything positive to say about Dragon Age 2. But tbf I don't find it bad or even extremely different from Origins. Sure it took me a really long time to figure out what was actually the main story of 2, and it felt like lazy game design to make every single dungeon look the same - but that's the only bad things I have noticed about 2. The fighting has cooler animations and movements than in Origins, but I don't find it very different from Origins otherwise. It's still tell the active character what to attack and press numbers for special abilities. No button-mashing and no hack'n'slash.

Also, I've gone through both games saying: "Please, don't be a dragon. I don't want to fight a dragon. Please, don't be... oh fuck..." Seriously, I'm playing a game series called Dragon Age, the word dragon is literally in the name of the series, and I still expect on some level to not have to fight dragons?! I'm such a baka. xD

When it comes to characters there wasn't a single one that didn't give me some kind of intense feelings, and to me a character that gives me some kind of feeling definitely shows of good characters. Aveline bothered me, I just want to hug Merrill cause she's so adorable, Fenris is just... wow o.o, Anders makes me angry, Varric is like an awesome big brother, Isabela is like the crazy best friend that you know you shouldn't hang out with but you just can't stay away, and Sebastian is the calm in the storm - the voice of reason among all the other crazy. It's funny how the only characters I never really liked were the family ones. I know there's a scenario where Carver lives through the prologue, but it didn't happen in neither of my playthroughs so I have no opinion whatsoever of him, Leandra is passéiste (French word because it's the best word ever for someone living in the past), Gamlen is an ass, and Bethany is just plain bland.
The companions: Fenris, Isabela, Varric, Aveline, (player), Bethany, Merrill, Anders, Sebastian

During my first playthrough I always chose the diplomatic/helpful dialogue options. As soon as I saw that Anders was in the game as a companion I had decided to pursue a romance with him and so I always sided with the mages. Until Anders blew up the chantry with all the chantry people still inside. I did a complete turnaround and sided with Meredith in the end (although I really don't like her and preferred Orsino). My default team became Fenris, Merrill and Anders. But I seriously didn't like how my first playthrough came about, so I decided to go through it all again. I really liked both Anders and Justice in Awakening, so it made me kind of angry to discover what they had done with two of my boys :/

During my second playthrough I always chose the humorous/charming dialogue options which made my new character a really joking personality which was a lot more fun to play. I wanted to get everyone to like me this time (except Anders cause I got really mad at him after his little stunt), but getting Merrill to like me was difficult since I had decided to pursue Fenris romantically and, due to Anders' stunt, side with the templars all the time. I had also read that the end of act 2 would be easier if Isabela was friendly with me so this time I made sure to always have her in my party. My default party in my second playthrough became Fenris, Isabela and Sebastian. Although I switched Isabela for Aveline or Varric sometimes, and Sebastian for Merrill or Anders sometimes. In my first playthrough I had decided to leave Bethany at home when I went into the Deep Roads, but that ended up with her getting caught in the Circle. So for my second playthrough I decided to bring her with me to save her from that - and that had her killed. Great -.-' Is there even a way to keep Bethany?

So for my second playthrough I made a character that held nothing sacred, joked about everything and only did what she wanted. So I flirted with everyone, but only actively pursued Fenris. I got him in bed and he walked out on me. So I went to Isabela and she wanted nothing serious. So I went to Merrill who blurted out that she loved me, and I was still convinced that there would be a way to continue my romance with Fenris if I wasn't involved with anyone else, so I turned Merrill down - something I sort of regret now, but I won't make a third playthrough just because of Merrill. (Although she's adorable enough to play the game for. Seriously, Fenris and Merrill are the best ones in the entire game).

Let's not go into the fact that I mentally squealed every time I encountered a character from Origins: Flemeth, Bodahn, Sandal, Anders, Isabela, Alistair, Nathaniel, Sketch, Leliana... It was a lot of fun to run into a bunch of the Denerim nobles at the party in Mark of the Assassin DLC. Also, Tallis bothered me for ages! As soon as she showed up I thought the she really reminded me of someone and I just couldn't figure out who. So I looked it up - Felicia Day! Ofc she's Felicia Day. That's also when I realised that I didn't fight Sten 5-6 times in the end of Act 2. It says on Tallis' wiki page that "just like Sten, Tallis isn't her name but her grade within the Qunari"... Well, that explained a lot! xD I also loved all the references to Awakening DLC in Legacy DLC.

But to sum things up - I like Dragon Age 2. Not as much as Origins obviously, but I don't think it's bad. I was given the impression that it would be terrible. But I liked it. I enjoyed it.

Also: "The Champion is gone. Just like the Warden." "That can't be a coincidence." Dare I hope that I will encounter my previous characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition?!?!?!??!?!

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