Thursday, 23 July 2015

What I've been up to lately (games, music, books, work)

It occurs to me that I haven't really been blogging about what I've been up to lately. Last post about that is from over a month ago. So let's see if I can remember what's happened since then! :)

17-18th June were my last days at the day centre. I felt a little sad about that because I felt like I really got to know them during my month there, and no matter how infuriating they might get sometimes your heart still warms when they smile or laugh or want to hold your hand. I'm still not sure if a job in caring is really something I want. It really has its perks ofc, most jobs do, but I do remember the horror I felt when I apparantly had done something wrong according to them, but I had no means to figure out what it was. That was definitely heartbreaking.

19-30th June were Midsummer and then one of my few free weeks this summer (except on the 29th when I worked for a few hours). I spent it reading (By Blood We Live & Dragon Age comics) and gaming (Civ V, Clash of Heroes & HoMM V), like any proper nerd would. Except on Midsummer when we had some people over for partying.

1-6th July I was working at the tourist agency. Getting up at 6.30 am every morning was no easy adjustment after a year of waking up past noon. But I really like this job. I feel like I'm good at it, and that's the best feeling in the world. The 3rd July was also the day that I went to my third Alice Cooper concert and loved every moment of it.

7-12th July I was in Malmö with Toni, visiting my parents and going to the local annual festival. I'm pretty sure it was my 15th consecutive year there :) The only festival where local (ish) bands like Perikles, Joddla med Siv, Danne Stråhed, Hasse Andersson, and Timbuktu are more popular than national artists like Måns and Ola Salo xD (and Hardcore Superstar, which we saw for the second time this summer). Toni and I also went to see Jurassic World (finally!), which I loved. I adored all the references to the first movie in it :3 We also took a trip to the local Sci-Fi book shop and I got two new books (the vampire novel and a pirate novel) and two of my favourite Classic Who stories on DVD (The Mind Robber and The Daemons). I also read four books while I was there. (Inmurade, Hollow City, Creepypasta, and Catching Fire)

13-16th July I was once again working at the tourist agency. I also started up a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition because Sera Was Never showed up on my iPod and gave me the itch to play it again. My favourite tavern tune from the game. I once again play as a Dalish elf (I love my elves), but this time I was a mage, and while I had originally planned on romancing Sera this time around, I just couldn't. I got to the first kiss and it just weirded me out. Not because it was a lesbian romance - don't think that - but because it was Sera, my best friend Sera in all my other playthroughs, so much my best friend that I've permanently friend-zoned her and thinking of her as anything other than a friend weirds me out. So instead I got it on with Bull, but his romance didn't fit with an elf imo, so I changed to Cullen. Cullen in Inquisition is like Alistair in Origins or Fenris in 2. No matter how hard I try not to, I always feel like I'm cheating on them if I romance someone else in a different playthrough.

On the 17th I had one of my few days off for the rest of the summer. And during this day we bought new computer chairs, and also got around to do some serious grocery shopping. So much for a nice quiet day at home, huh xD

18th-today I've been working on the tourist agency. It's been going well. Yesterday my parents arrived in Stockholm for a mini-holiday, and we took the opportunity to have dinner with them. It was very nice :) My mum always had a way of collecting every single brochure she could find when we went on holidays when my sister and I were little, so I saved her the trouble this time and gave her one of each from work. They laughed a while at that, but seemed to appreciate it xD Today they came and visited me at work, while I was hiding from the rain under the folded-up trunk-hatch in the mini-car I work from some days.

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