Saturday, 4 July 2015

Alice Cooper #3

Yesterday I saw Alice Cooper live for the third time :) First time was in 2011 and second time was last year on Sweden Rock Festival.

I had been looking forward to the 3rd of July since the beginning of this year. This was a big deal and a big day! I worked in the morning and then afterwards I met up with Toni and went to Gröna Lund, the same place where I saw Cooper in 2011. We spent the afternoon riding every single roller-coaster there, then we had some dinner, ice cream and drinks before we went to the stage with a bunch of friends (though we lost the friends in the crowd). To begin with we were standing a little to the side, but the crowd was so tight and most of the time I couldn't even see the backdrop, sometimes I caught a glimpse of it. So I pushed us through the crowd to stand basically in the middle (where the pressure from people was less) where I could see a lot better. I was so excited!

The show started at exactly 8pm. Not a minute late. The Underture and Hello Hooray first which I hadn't heard live before. Then we went through
Lots of classics, both newer (90's and forward) and old (70's-80's). I was basically jumping around excitedly when I heard the first note for Feed My Frankenstein because I adore the theatrical scenography that always accompanies that song!
 Mad Scientist Alice performs an experiment. He enters this box and something goes wrong, out comes this big-ass dude that sings the rest of the song

I adored Hey Stoopid and Welcome to My Nightmare. Then when Ballad of Dwight Fry started playing I was almost in tears. I love that song so much. During it the girl who played Nurse Rozetta licked his face and I said "Can I lick his face too?"

The second to last song was Poison. I recognised it immediately along with about a fourth of the audience and we started cheering like crazy. Then the music really kicked in and the rest of the crowd noticed what song it was. I said "You so slow people!" out loud :P Then they left the stage, people continued cheering and they came back on singing School's Out with Another Brick in the Wall in the bridge.

Other than Alice there was someone else who caught my eyes on that stage - his new guitarist Nita Strauss. Damn, that girl can play! She was frickin amazing. She needs some amazing credit. The fact that she was lying down on the stage and still playing... and the fact that she delivered the best solo I've heard in a while.

This time was so much better than at SRF. He had a lot more energy this time and it was great, he was amazing. At the end he shouted "See you with Mötley Crüe!" making it almost worth it to buy tickets to the Mötley Crüe concert in November if Alice is gonna be there.

Been listening to Ballad of Dwight Fry the whole day

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