Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nerdy package in the mail!

Last week I recieved some money and I decided that I deserved some shopping. Yesterday I went to pick up my nerdy package from the post office.

I had ordered the library edition of the Dragon Age comics, the first book in the Dragon Age series, and the first book from Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel Book 1: The Land

I spent yesterday reading through the comics, which I liked but I was done with it so quickly that I felt disappointed. I'm too fast a reader to read comics! :P It was a lot of fun reading about Alistair, Isabela and Varric doing a quest together, though. The comic perfectly embodied Alistair's and Varric's personalities and I loved reading about Isabela's past. Sten is also in it, and a transgender magister from Tevinter. 

I looked through Tales of Tamriel and it seems amazing, lots of lore and other things that I'll probably love just as much as I loved the book that came with the pre-ordered Imperial Edition of ESO

I've been curious about the Dragon Age books for a while so buying the first in the series was a must. It's called The Stolen Throne and tells the story of how Maric and Loghain took Ferelden back from Orlais. Basically a prequel to Dragon Age: Origins, and reading it might give me som insight to why Loghain acted the way he did in the game. 

In any case, I love my new books :)

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