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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser DLC (Warning: Spoilers)

Here we are. The last storybased DLC for Inquisition. I knew that before I saw the trailer, so I knew this DLC would feature Solas and some answers. But I was not prepared. Holy shit. It took me days to process. And I played it twice. It did not get easier the second time.
This DLC takes place two years after the events in the base game. Thedas is safe and both Ferelden and Orlais are starting to get worried about the Inquisition's military strength and self-governing. Ferelden wants the Inquisition to dissolve. Orlais wants to rule the Inquisition (honestly, when doesn't Orlais want to rule something?). The Inquisition itself seems happily oblivious to the fact that it's causing any problems. So we arrive at the Winter Palace where the talks are going to be held. Divine Victoria had called for the talks. But before the talks we get a chance to catch up with some friends :) Varric is apparantly the new viscount of Kirkwall (which I find hilarious) and Dorian has been appointed ambassador for Tevinter. He has also taken his father's place as a magister since his father passed away (or rather was murdered). We have a spa day with Vivienne while Sera is causing a ruckus around us. The Chargers celebrate Bull's birthday, and the quizzy elopes with Cullen to get married. Blackwall now goes by Rainier and he's with the Wardens for real and seems happy. Then we start the talks, but halfway through something comes up and the Inquisitor has to leave abruptly. What has come up is a dead qunari warrior. In full armour. Out of nowhere. In the Winter Palace. Dafuq? We look around and find an active eluvian in a storage room. We go through and finds ourselves in the crossroads (which looks differently depending on whether you're quizzy is elven or not). We look around and find more qunari in the crossroads as well as some interesting facts about Fen'Harel. Also the quizzy's hand starts acting up and actively tries to kill him/her. Events happen that take us from one place to another through a dizzying amount of eluvians until we realise that we're probably at war with the qunari. So we chase after the qunari and find them where we are told that Solas is the one behind it all. Quizzy goes through the last eluvian and there he is. Solas. We get some world-shattering answers and then we go back to Orlais, get our arm amputated and decide what to do with the Inquisition.
That's the easy version.

The first time I played the DLC was with my quizzy who romanced Solas, where Bull stayed with the Chargers, but where I kicked out Sera, and where Bull and Dorian never got together. I had a great time with the DLC all the way to Solas in the end. I cheered when Bull told the qunari leader to fuck off. I had an amazing time although the whole thing started to feel ominous when the quizzy's hand started killing her. I was starting to suspect that Bioware had actually killed off the quizzy, like they could the Warden. But then came Solas and I just dissolved into tears. And shock. Mostly shock. The tears came later.

The second time I played with my quizzy who romanced Cullen, where Bull stayed with the qunari, where Sera stayed, where Bull and Dorian are together, and where human!Cole gets together with the bard Maryden. I once again had a great time. My quizzy became a Red Jenny with Sera and eloped with Cullen ♥ And then came the tears again. But this time not because of Solas - but because of Bull. I hadn't brought him with me this time, which proved to be a good thing. Because suddenly the qunari leader calls for Hissrad and there comes Bull, all set to fight me to the death - AND I HAD DORIAN IN MY PARTY! And there afterwards. Dorian starts scoffing all teary about how Bull probably never meant it when he called him kadan and that he probably lied all the time - and I just wanted to hug him!! And I cried for Dorian. And then I was just angry at Bioware. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT, BIOWARE?! I was in total shock for the rest of the DLC.

- Sera accurately sums up the DLC

But here are the juicy bits. Solas was Solas first. Fen'Harel came later. The elven gods were never gods, just mages who became generals and then kings and then gods. Solas became Fen'Harel when he started to oppose the rule of these would-be gods and started removing the vallaslin from their chosen agents and slaves. When the other gods killed Mythal (I'm sensing a love story here) Fen'Harel brought the Veil down upon the world, effectively imprisoning the elven gods in the Fade, and reducing the amount of magic in the world. The loss of magic made the eleven empire fall apart. It wasn't the arrival of the humans that destroyed their world, but Fen'Harel when he brought the Veil down. When Solas awoke centuries later he found Corypheus and gave him his orb, with the intent for him to use it to tear down the Veil. Corypheus was supposed to die from it, but then he didn't. The orb was supposed to take away the Veil, but then it broke. Solas was the only one who could've carried the Mark without any risk for his life. And now he sets out on a quest to bring his world back. His ancient elven world. He'll tear the Veil down, releasing the Fade into the world along with the elven gods. And the Inquisitor has sworn to stop him. To his face.

- Solas simplifies how it all began

The end cutscene gives two promises for the next game - 1) It will probably be in Tevinter. 2) We will get to see some old friends.

Josephine points out that Solas was one of them. He knows their every agent, every asset, everyone inside the Inquisition. So the Inquisitor points out that we'll find some people he doesn't know. Well, I'd love for the Warden to come back! And pretty much every single companion from DAO and DA2.

And I'm hoping for a new Dragon Age in 2017 or 2018. It's not unrealistic tbh. Let's look at this!
• Mass Effect, released 2007
• Dragon Age: Origins, released 2009
• Mass Effect 2, released 2010
• Dragon Age 2, released 2011
• Mass Effect 3, released 2012
• Dragon Age: Inquisition, released 2014
• Mass Effect: Andromeda, release date 2016
So I'd say 2017-2018 is pretty realistic for the next game.

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