Thursday, 30 June 2016

June favourites 2016

A third of summer gone already! And this was the nice third. Oh, well, bring on the other two...

Books: I thought I'd manage to complete the set of books I started reading at the end of last month by now, but things have gotten in the way and so I haven't. I'll probably be done in a couple of days, though. And until then I'll keep it a surprise. Let's just say, for now, that they are really amazing!

Music: So last month when I had loaded my iPod with Sweden Rock music, I totally fell for Lordi again. So for June I loaded my iPod with music from my teen years. And you can bet I fell for Avril and Simple Plan again. But a few other groups from my teen years made it on the list as well.
• Avril Lavigne - "Here's To Never Growing Up" & "Give You What You Like"

• Simple Plan - "Outta My System" & "Freaking Me Out"

• Within Temptation - "Grenade" & Nightwish - "Dark Chest of Wonders"

• Panic! At the Disco - "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" & "There's a Good Reason..."

• Simple Plan - "Rest of Us" & Avril Lavigne - "Bad Girl"

Games: What have I been playing this month? A short trip in ESO, the Fallout 4 DLCs and Portal 2. Out of them I have to say Fallout 4. Or more specifically Far Harbor.

TV shows: Hmm, it's been Twin Peaks, 7th Heaven and Charmed this month. As well as catching up on Once Upon a Time and Agents of Shield, as well ass watching Game of Thrones every week. Difficult choice. But Game of Thrones wins with Twin Peaks at a close second.

Other: Sweden Rock was this month! I also did a short work course to be able to log more hours, which I'm really looking forward to (though I'm a bit nervous about doing the new things on my own later). Then there was Midsummer last weekend, which I couldn't really do anything about because we were both working all of that weekend. All I did was buy us some strawberries ^^

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