Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Playing Pokémon GO

I downloaded the app last Saturday (16th) when it was released in Sweden and immediately started playing. It was fairly easy to figure out, and by the time I watched a Youtube video about tips & tricks I already knew most of it :P

Since Saturday I've been playing every chance I get. Until today that was mostly during car rides. The app works surprisingly well in cars, but I can say from experience that the GPS tracking can't keep up when you're on a train.

I'm more of a collector than a trainer tbh. I want to complete my Pokédex! That's my main concern. But I've slowly started to power up some of my Pokémon and I'm always excited when I manage to catch one that has almost 200 CP or over 200 CP.

Today I got back at work in Stockholm and since work finished just before noon I decided to walk instead of taking the bus (I now have the sunburn to show for it). Here's my route:

I hadn't even walked for 10 minutes before I caught one Geodude and then a Jynx. Walking along the water I managed to get several Goldeen, Krabby and Magikarp, as well as Golduck, Psyduck, Shellder, Tentacool, Horsea, Poliwag, and Squirtle :P When I got to the Royal Gardens I bought a popsicle and ice tea and then sat down on the grass in the shade, between two poké stops that both had lures on them. Then I sat there for about half an hour and caught Slowpokes, Ponytas, Doduos, Mankeys, Nidorans (both kinds), Zubats, Pidgeys, Rattatas, Magnemites, a Bellsprout and even a Pikachu! I then started walking towards the central station with the goal of having lunch somewhere on the way. Going there I caught a Psyduck, a Voltorb, a Magneton, a Rhyhorn, and an Ekans. Going strong!

All this walking and I also hatched three eggs :P

When I got home I caught a Drowzee on the bed! xD

Here's my current Pokémon (most of them are caught today but I had some special ones from earlier):

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