Sunday, 19 February 2017

Game completed: The Walking Dead: Michonne

I started playing this last autumn and I only finished it this week. It was really good, but a little short. Only three episodes. The first episode always sets the tone for the rest of the game and it felt a little sped up. Not entirely in a bad way, but still a little rushed. I never knew what to make of Sam in the first episode but she quickly grew on me in the second.

The bad guys in this story are Norma and Randall, and I swear we've seen them before. Weren't they in 400 days? I think at least Randall was... I'm not sure.

In any case you're playing as Michonne and the story is about what she was up to when she was away from Rick's group in the TV show. It's basically a story about coming to terms with not knowing what happened to your family, whether they're dead or alive, and forgiving yourself for not being there when shit hit the fan.

In true Telltale fashion they make us do some things we definitely do not want to do. In Season 2 we had to stitch up Clem's arm, in this one we have to dig a bullet out of Sam's shoulder and then burn the wound shut as if we were in the 12th century. And also taking us completely by surprise and shocking us way beyond what we were expecting. Like that one death.

I'm not gonna say anything more about the story. It's a great game. It's up to the high Telltale standard, and I think it's actually better than Season 2.
Also, that very last choice... I really wonder what would happen if I picked the other one, because that one doesn't seem possible...

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