Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Game completed: Dream Daddy

While my computer was broken I watched Markiplier play this game and I completely fell in love with it. So the first thing I did when I got my computer back was to buy this game.

As an overlook:
  • Brian's dates were the most fun because they included the most minigames.
  • Damien's dates ended up being my favourites because Damien is a lot cuter than he leads you to believe.
  • On Mat's dates I understood less than half of the references he used, so those were mostly just guesswork from me.
  • Craig and Joseph had the same problem for me - they were too wholesome, to the point where to me it seems forced and frankly a bit annoying.
  • I really enjoyed being with Robert, but I appreciate how they ended his story.
  • Hugo ended up being one of my favourite character's of the game, for much the same reason as Damien. He's a lot cuter than he leads you to believe.
 1). Because this scene was everything ♥ 2). Because this! This is exactly what fishing is!

What makes the game really interesting, though, is that there's a secret ending that no one has been able to unlock yet. A player discovered the parameters for this ending in the game's code, but there seems to be no way to unlock it. The achievement for this ending is visible on Steam, so either this ending will be added at a later point or it's just so complicated to get that no one has managed it yet.
Dream Daddy was a lot of fun, full of hilarious dad puns and I might actually be interested in playing it again. And here you go, all the seven postcard style pictures you get for completing a dad's story:
Left: Robert. Right: Craig.
Left: Mat. Right: Brian.
Left: Hugo. Right: Joseph.
 Damien ♥

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