Friday, 15 September 2017

Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach DLC

In August a new DLC was released for ESO. This DLC consisted of two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold.

I first tried out Bloodroot Forge and it was crazy. I did it on normal and there were so many mechanics to figure out. The hardest part was that all the bosses had crazy AoE attacks. But even the mobs had the ability to stun and did so more often than not. The final boss was an AoE monster who kept cloning himself, and we had to switch both tank and one dps more than once before we could finally defeat him. Safe to say this dungeon wasn't a walk in the park even on normal difficulty, and I'm not very keen on finding out what extra mechanics are added to the veteran difficulty right now. But when I've done this one many more times on normal, to the point where it actually feels easy, I will turn to veteran difficulty and die miserably many many times, unless I get lucky with groups :P

A few days later I tried out Falkreath Hold, which was a nostalgia kick from Skyrim. And my general feeling when we had defeated the last boss was: "That's it?" Because on normal this one didn't feel very difficult. It felt very short and mostly we were fighting 1-3 minotaurs as mobs. The bosses had some mechanics but they didn't seem very difficult. Maybe I just got lucky with my group. So for this one I'll go for normal one or two more times just to really get the feel of it and then I'm headed for veteran.

There isn't much more to say about this DLC. There are two dungeons. One is a mechanics hell and one seems fairly straightforward. The stories in both revolve around the Reachmen. In the Bloodroot Forge the Reachmen have found an ancient bloodforge that affect them in horrible ways and they're trying to use it to take over Skyrim. In Falkreath Hold the Reachmen have invaded Falkreath after having layed siege to the town, as another attempt to gain control of Skyrim. In both dungeons your mission is to thwart them. With the DLC there were also new equipment sets, new monster sets, and a new skin for your characters.

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