Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Dealing with backlog: The Elder Scrolls Legends

I've been meaning to try this out for a very long time. Mostly just because it carries the Elder Scrolls name. I don't really have any interest in computer card games. It was free on Steam and fpr my week off from work I thought why not. The campaign was pretty easy with the allowance of a loss here and there while figuring out the enemy's new deck. My strategy soon became go in with the Imperial Might deck, if that doesn't work go in with the Alduin's Bane deck and slaughter them with dragons.

The original campaign was pretty fun and straight-forward. But once the campaign ended and all I was left with was solo arena or the versus arena against other players the game quickly lost its charm for me. I really didn't like that the entire versus arena was one big pot of players and you couldn't put yourself in separate groups. So people like me who were only just figuring out their decks and their cards and which cards to use together were mixed with people who had played for ages and knew exactly how to use their decks and how their cards worked together. Which in the long run meant that I had no chance in the versus arena whatsoever.

I decided to buy the DLC, which turned out to be larger than the main campaign (wth?) and also not as fun. Halfway through the first act I just stopped playing and I don't really miss this game.

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