Monday, 27 November 2017

Dealing with backlog: Might & Magic Heroes VII

So the whole point of me getting this game was entirely because I used to love Heroes of Might and Magic V, and my world crumbled a little when I noticed how ugly it had become and how non-responsive the Steam version was. So I got the newest one, with the sole intention of playing random matches against AI, but also to try my hand on the campaign - all like I did in HoMM5. Campaign went mostly smoothly, but I soon got bored of it, the same way it happened in HoMM5 even if they had spiced it up a little bit since the olden days.

My favourite faction has always been the Necromancers. The ghosts were always a pain to be up against as any other faction and the ability to raise defeated enemy units as skeletons is absolutely fabulous. Apart from the Necromancers my favourite were the Dwarves but they haven't been in any game since HoMM5 and they were DLC there...

Being used to HoMM5 this game was amazingly beautiful, and I loved the graphics. However, I soon sped up the battles because seeing the same few animations over and over and over for eternity became kind of lame. I used the same tactics as I did in the old game = pick up as many resources as possible, claim all the mines you can, and fight everything you can, focus on defence and creatures in the keep and hide from the enemies for as long as possible before engaging them. And also - find the Tear of Asha. Mostly it goes well, but my tactics take a bit of time so a huge map is preferred.

For the campaign I realised how much I had forgotten about Might and Magic lore when it started and it all came rushing back inside my head at the same time.

All in all a really good Might and Magic, and I will probably pick it up every now and again just to do some random matches.

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