Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Les Misérables and Pottermore

Last Sunday, the day after our party (which was a success btw, we'll be doing that more times), I went home to Kajsa to watch Les Misérables in Concert at the O2 25th Anniversary with her and Tiffany. It was my first time seeing this musical since I'm not that fond of musicals. I usually find that they're either great at singing and suck at acting, or they're great at acting and suck at singing. It's not very often that they're brilliant at both. This kind of proved me wrong and Tiffany assured me that West End really is brilliant at everything =P

However since this was "in concert" it meant that there wasn't much acting around and that may be the reason why I really liked it. At this moment I'm actually downloading both the show and the soundtrack. I'm gonna let Love watch it, I'm sure he'll like it. I loved little Cosette, too bad she's only in it for about 15 minutes, and then she becomes a whimp. I'm fascinated by how much Lea Salonga actually can open her mouth O.o And I thought the girl who played Éponine was gorgeous, however I though her character was pretty pathetic - like every other female character in the show (I can tell the story was written 150 years ago), the only female that wasn't pathetic was the wife of the Master of the House, and instead she was an idiot. My favourite character by far was Gavroche.

I disliked all the love scenes and I loved all the scenes that showed their everyday life, like "Lovely Ladies", "Master of the House" and when Gavroche sings that everyone comes to him. I also like the intro "Look Down".

Yesterday I signed up for Pottermore! I figured out the clue. I was head over heels with excitement after I found the Magical Quill and made it fly. And now my nick is FelicisGoblet :) You better remember it, if you're going to register ;) Now my friends are asking me for help registering, turns out the pocedure is different every day. Pretty cool actually. It's not just a new clue, but also a new procedure.

I read on about Pottermore while I was waiting for the new clue to show up today. Turns out that when it opens to everyone in October it will start at Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and it's pretty obvious when you sign in after you've registered - you're at Privet Drive and you see a wizard standing at the edge of the street. This is gonna be awesome! ^^ I'll blog more about it as I slowly gain access to the site in a few weeks :)


  1. Elin, I'm so proud. :') 'This kind of proved me wrong and Tiffany assured me that West End really is brilliant at everything =P' This is the best composed sentence since Shakespeare.

    Samantha Barks (Éponine) - I love her guts. She's absolutely brilliant. I don't think Éponine is pathetic she's actually really cool, especially in the book. Cosette on the other hand is quite pathetic.

    Wife of 'Master of the house', oh dear. They're called Thénardier -Mrs and Mr!

    Look Down (the Paris one, the one you entitled Look Down is overture/worksong) is my absolute favourite performing song. I actually squeeled watching the video you linked. Gotta love Robert Madge (guy playing Gavroche)

    (Keep up the Les mis related posts and I'll write you an essay eveyrtime. XD)

  2. I really liked Éponine until this whole love story surfaced. If you love him so much why don't you have the guts to tell him? Loving him quietly from a distance and then feel sorry for yourself when he doesn't notice how you feel is kind of pathetic in my eyes.

    I know their name now - Thérnadier. But it took a while. Their name isn't mentioned that much.

    In the soundtrack they are entitled as "Prologue/Look Down" and "Paris/Look Down" I really like both although Gavroche makes the Paris one much better ;)

  3. I dunno, I don't think it's pathetic. She knew very well that they could never be because she's literally a street rat whereas Marius is a bourgeoisie, and I think she always had a feeling he didnät like her back and confessing her love for him would cause unecessary awkwardness in their friendship. She might be a bit silly but not pathetic per se. I like her because even though she's poor and practically on the bottom of society, she's still happy and makes the best of it (obviously not on the love front but everythingelse XD).

    The song's name varies from edition to edition but we know which one we're talking about. I get an incredible kick everytime I hear the intro to the Prologue, love how storng it is. But I agree, I like the Paris one better.

  4. They sing about her that way, but I think you'd need to read the book to actually realise her personality yourself. I have to read that book... And I'll do it in French just for the sake of it! xD

  5. I got into Pottermore too about a week ago, with a little help from a friend x) But my designated username was much more generic; NoxLight102. I hope it will turn out nice; I thought I would at least hop aboard and see where it goes. But I haven't been able to log in in the last few days xO

  6. Since the Magical Quill thingy closed No one has been able to log in... I got my registration mail today (I registered on the 1st) and now I'm waiting for my Welcome mail, which will come "middle of August 'til end of September"...


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