Sunday, 28 August 2011

Malmöfestivalen 2011 part 2

Second part. First part is here.

Wednesday: Slow day. Everyone was working or in school and nothing really happened. Not even in the evening. Was kind of nice to just be able to hang around.

Thursday: Started out slow, turned out real nice. Halfway through the day a group of people dressed up completely in pink and coloured pink showed up next to my stand and made a complete show out of everyone walking by. People stopped to film and take pictures, and since everyone was busy doing that I could do it as well. I had no costumers while they were there cause everyone was busy watching them. I hadn't brought my camera and tried to take pictures with my mobile, but they ended up bad and pixley. Then I figured I could film them. So here are the two best pictures and the video I put up on YouTube:
In the evening I went to the other stand by the stage to watch Jay Smith. He was part of the thingy. Jay Smith is last year's winner of Swedish Idol, and by far the only good thing that has ever happened to that show. He played the winner's song Dreaming People, which isn't one of my favourites. And then his, by now, famous version of Like A Prayer

Friday. The end. I started by the stage and stood there for almost the whole day. Was interviewed by a news paper (can't find it online). At dinner time I changed places and then around midnight I got back to the stage and was able to see The Ark's final concert ever. It was the same concert program as on SommarRock in Svedala. I was able to hear One of Us is Gonna Die Young, The Worrying Kind and Calleth You, Cometh I. I'm usually very torn about this band. I can't decide if I think they're absolutely brilliant or if they're kind of boring. Everytime I hear them live they're awesome, incredible. But when I hear only the songs, they fall flat. So it all comes down to that they are (were) a great live band. Sayonara.

My feet ached so bad. I even had work on Saturday, but was able to leave early due to my aching feet. This is gonna turn into a nice salary in September :)


  1. Was it a Swedish newspaper? What did they ask you? :P

  2. Skånskan :)
    Asked my name, my age, where I came from (Lund!), what's been the best about the festival and the worst. And then he took a picture.

  3. Ok, det var inte medan du stod i ståndet eller?

  4. Jo, killen sa att han gick runt och frågade alla som jobbade exakt de frågorna.


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