Monday, 29 August 2011


Ever since I registered I've been logging in once every day, just to check and the page always said "We look forward to seeing you". But not today. Today the page looked completely different! I haven't even gotten my Welcome email yet! But I got started and begun exploring the world of Harry Potter. You get to enjoy the books, one by one, while you discover small elements that you've never thought of before and new material from Rowling whose imagination has just kept on spinning. I loved reading the background story for Minerva McGonagall! One of my favourite characters.

I loved when I went to Diagon Alley to buy my school stuff. I loved getting my wand, and after reading all about wandlore, wand cores and wand woods I thought that wand fitted me perfectly :) Then came the sorting...

Just like Evanna Lynch (who plays Luna Lovegood) got sorted into Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw and had to deal with the confusion, I myself got sorted into Slytherin! But after reading Rowling's description and thoughts of Slytherin House I realised that it fits me quite well. I always thought Ravenclaw to be the place for me, but Slytherin might not be so bad... I'm not all that good-natured after all... I'll grow accustomed to being a Slytherin after a while I guess...

So I'm now a first year student and I'm slowly taking my time through the first book. It's recommended to read the book while you discover the site, but as I've read the first four books around 20 times each I think I'll manage without them ;)

Now I'm off to brew potions and earn myself some House Points =D

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  1. Yay, welcome to Slytherin! :D <3

    Jag kan inte påstå att jag varit superintresserad av stavar... tills nu. Jag är riktigt fascinerad över alla olika träslag och deras egenskaper. Det senaste nu är att jag ser vad kompisarna får för stavar, läser om deras egenskaper och funderar över om det stämmer bra in på dem. Hittills har det passat alla riktigt bra (tre stycken vänner har jag gissat fram trollstavarnas innehåll på innan jag fått se resultatet: och haft helt rätt! Sånt är lite häftigt)


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