Sunday, 26 February 2012

Call of Cthulhu RPG #5 - ending

The house is in a very bad state and looks to have been empty for a very long time. We're being hit in the face by the garden. Trips, falls, swears, and have to walk in a line alongside the wall of the house. Charlie opens the first door and enters. The rest of us follows. We're in a dark corridor and use a lighter to see. One door on each side. The first door leads to a bedroom. Sophie finds a hand mirror with gold edges that slides into her bag. We make a torch. Walks into the next room. The floor is made of dark stone. The walls are made from wood with things carved into them. An altar. The carvings are of monstrous misshaped people and creatures. Very professionally done. The altar is covered by very old dried blood. We continue to follow the corridor and arrive at a three-way crossroad. There's a door to the right. Ordinary bedroom. Make another torch. Follow the first corridor. Another bedroom. Charlie finds a misshapen children's skull. Packington establishes that it's a real skull. An extreme underbite and polished teeth. Fangs. The child would've only been a couple of years old when it died. Sophie puts the skull in her bag and gains suspicion from Packington. The next room is a broken toilet. The next is a study. The walls are covered by shelves. On the desk there's an old paper with text written in old English. Y'Gollonac. Image. Sophie connects "image" to the carvings in the altar room. We look for references in the shelves. Find nothing. Amanda leaves to open the entrance doors wide and puts them open to let the daylight inside. Garden furniture on the deck. She calls for us. In the corridor to the right in the hallway there're traces of the explosion. Furthest down the house has fallen in. We start checking out whole rooms. Mostly bedrooms. We find a few more children's skulls and establish that they don't have baby teeth. Meaning they aren't that young. We go back and check the bed with all the rats. Find nothing. Take the corridor north. There are several locks on the door. The room has three cells with leg-irons in them. A number of skeletons in different sizes. Seems to be normal humans. All of them are fretted at. The next is a nicer bedroom. Desk. There's a gust of wind when Packington walks towards the desk. The torch goes out. The room is completely quiet when we walk inside, but as soon as we notice it it goes normal. On the desk there's a paper. Recently written. But in an oldfashioned language. The text describes in more detail how to worship Y'Gollonac with sacrifices etc. Feeling of discomfort. Cowell walks to the study and starts to read. Charlie, Amanda and Sophie go to the next room. Packington tags along. The next room is a nursery. A normal baby skeleton in the crib. Next we arrive to the kitchen. There are steps down into a cellar. All the food except the cans are torn to pieces/chewed at. We go into the cellar. There's a furnace and a large crate of coal. There are dynamites taped to the wall. Packington finds a trap door. It looks like it's dug from the underwork. Puts up the hatch. Packington grabs two dynamites. When everyone have entered the hatch falls down with a great bang. Packington panics and starts to crawl along the walls to find a way out. The passage is darker than it ought to be considering the torch. It's so narrow we have to walk in a line and some of us have to crouch. Somewhat claustrophobic. We can hear water and sounds behind us. Seems like someone is walking beneath us/above us. The sounds are very strange. The passage opens up into a cave. Amanda says that she saw a small creature run on the other side. We think it's one of the strange creatures. We follow it. We see Charlie jump and look around himself. We continue walking. Very close to each other. Very quiet except the sound of something slithering in front of us and the sound of water dripping. We arrive at another cave. Something's scraping. Continue onwards. Find a somewhat larger cave. Dynamite on the ground. A small creature jumps up on Packington who shoots. The creature runs off. Amanda shoots after it. We follow it. The new passage is long. Very creepy. Arrive in a cave that's more like a room. More dynamite. 10 creatures ahead of us. We hear a shot. A person with a cut off shotgun. He introduces himself as Philip Baucher. We mention Y'Gollonac and he starts to transform. Amanda shoots and nothing happens. Packington lights a dynamite and throws it. We run for it. But the entire cave, the passage and the house collapse. The entire group is suffocated to death. Cowell survives as he's out by the car at the explosion.

- The End -

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