Sunday, 5 February 2012

Call of Cthulhu RPG #5

Amanda Palmer shows up to interview Sophie about the death of her father. She's disappointed to find out about Sophie's obvious detachment towards her father's death. Amanda mentions a disappearance outside of Boston. Sophie says she has a car and expereince of disappearances. Amanda agrees to it. They drive to Amanda's contact with the police. The person who has disappeared is Meklin, a demolition expert. An explosion in a house outside of Boston. There's covered up information around the whole thing. The police contact Angus can't find anything special around it. There doesn't seem to be any proper information at all. The policeman tags along in the car. On the way to the army doctor, another of Amanda's contacts, we pick up Amanda's assistant; the paper boy Charlie Harper. We find the army doctor Charles Packington ins a park. Amanda talks him into coming with us. We drive to Meklin's office. Charlie, Amanda and I walks up to the fourth floor where his office is. Amanda and Charlie walks into the other offices on the same floor. Sophie stays outside. Amanda finds out that he disappeared after he had gotten a job outside of Boston where the exploded house is. Ordinary office. A safe ajar. Lots of money in it. An archive folder with the name Boucher House + ASAP written on it. Amanda takes photos. Charlie takes notes. Angus says that a man called Jason Porter hired him to do this job. Take a drive to the city archive to check out an addition to the old house. Amanda finds a certificate of ownership belonging to Jason Porter. Angus drives to the police house. The rest of us go to the archive of the Boston Globe and looks for information concerning the Boucher House 22 years ago and what happened with the child after the incident with the dogs and the death of the mother and who the father is. The child was left to Martin Adoption Agency after the mother had been bitten to death by dogs. People says that they have seen a monster that looks like a dog close to the house. We find nothing of the dad.
The day after we meet at the Martin Adoption Agency. Jason Phyllis Boucher was adopted by Ben and Emma Porter = Jason Porter. Angus tells us that he found a false death certificate of Porter with the police. The house in the suburbs is empty. The neighbours tell us that Ben died of the flu 6 years ago, Emma died naturally 6 months ago. Sophie pries open the door and we take a look around. Completely empty. All we can find in the phone book is a Jeff Porter. Knocks on door. A young man in his 20s opens. He tells us everything. That he went out to the house after he found out that he inherited it. Uninhabitable. He wanted to demolish it and build something new. After too many questions about the Boucher House and Meklin we're driven out of there. We decide to get to the house and sleep in a motel along the way. We arrive at the house the morning. Very deserted. Wild garden. A wall around it that has no door. Can't drive inside cause the vegetation is in the way. Charlie jumps up at the wall to try to see above the vegetation. Sees some kind of stone building. We prepare ourselves and walks through the vegetation all the way to the house. The door is unlocked, but we decide to walk around the house first.

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