Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nerdiness of February

Medieval II Total War. The Sims 2. George Carlin. Call of Cthulhu. Magic: The Gathering. Harry Potter. Mad Men. Star Trek. Puss in Boots. How to Train Your Dragon. Japanese. Writing. Les Misérables. Pirates of the Caribbean. Neil Gaiman. David Eddings.

In no special order.

Medieval II Total War. I've been playing it every day for the last five days. I restarted as France and it's going really well. I manipulate everything with diplomats and assassins with high skills, and I see everything using spies.

The Sims 2. Well, since I started playing Medieval I haven't really played any The Sims. But! I created a new family, a Japanese one, in a new neighbourhood, but decided that it was too boring to restart completely in a new neighbourhood and had them move to the other neighbourhood where I have my Teague family. They get along very well and I'm planning on making my new Japanese family into an equally large family as the Teagues.

George Carlin. It's not that long ago since I first showed his comedy to a friend. And this time I showed him Losing Things. Then we watched the very old performance of Words we Use, and re-watching his reality check. Then some video from 2005 about being old. This man was a genius!

Call of Cthulhu. Two RPG meetings. The last one ending with the whole group minus one dying. Great ending to a great night :D My favourite RPG this far.

Magic: The Gathering. I'm not overly interested in this yet, but I'm considering learning it properly. Since I'm discovering that more and more people around me actually play this and I understand nothing when they talk about it... Gotta fix that!

Harry Potter. Well, you didn't actually think that there would be a month when I wasn't obsessed with Potter? My Valentine's is proof of that ;) And these two images that I shared on Facebook:

Mad Men. I can't see a package of Lucky Strike without immediately relating it to this series. Is that obsessed enough? And I've been blogging about it a few times. Finished the fourth season last week and can't wait for the 5th season to come around!

Star Trek. After Mad Men it was time for Star Trek: The Original Series. It's from 1966 and it's not that great. Anymore. That anymore is very important! Cause to me of today's generation it's slow and boring and the special effects are hilariously bad. The plot of each episode is always interesting, but the realisation of it is sooooooo slow -.-' I'll continue watching it though. If I'm gonna complain about something I wanna know what it is I'm complaining about, and beat the fans at their own game ;) A possible setback from this experience may be that instead of disliking it I come to like it. But meh, then I'll just be even more geeky. Wouldn't be that bad.

Puss in Boots. Went to see this movie at the cinema in 3D and it was great! I'm a big fan of the first three Shrek movies and this was nearly just as awesome! I love the addition of Humpty Dumpty and Jack & Jill. The Magic Beans that grew up to the giant's castle in the sky. All of the Shrek movies and this one is like a fast forward through every fairtale there is! :D

How to Train Your Dragon. Watched it for the first time after a friend recommended it about a hundred times. It was great. All there is to say. Simply amazing.

Japanese. Went through first grade kanji yesterday and I'm planning on doing more rehearsing of kanji. This webpage is very useful! I should add that I study kanji because it's fun...

Writing.There hasn't been a lot of it this month, but meeting up with Kajsa always sparks my imagination and wish to write and that's obviously what happened after the book sale :) So I have been writing some and I know what will happen further on in the story. I'm still planning a lot even if it doesn't get down on paper.

Les Misérables. Partly studying. Partly nerdiness. I'm going to write my exam paper this term and what I chose for subject is; Les Misérables. I'm reading the 2000 pages novel right now - in French of course and I like it a lot! I feel like I met the characters briefly in the musical and now I get to know them better :)

Pirates of the Caribbean. When do we not quote any of these movies? I had a really boring day two days ago and went on a YouTube trip watching clips with Captain Jack. Tonight we'll watch one of the movies while having dinner :D 1 or 3, which one should we watch?

Neil Gaiman. I haven't started reading the book I bought at the book sale yet. But the fact that I bought it is enough. I'm still stuck in Good Omens (in my head) and I keep going back to Smoke & Mirrors and Fragile Things reading a short story there and another one there. Simply because he's that good.

David Eddings. I started reading The Treasured One, but it was hard to get into. Mostly because I was still stuck in Good Omens in my head and kept comparing them (not a good idea), but now I'm more into the new book and the humour typical for Eddings has shown up again. Now I'm back. Everytime I'm reading Eddings I feel like I'm 13 years old again, cause that's how old I was when I discovered Belgarath :)

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