Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dreamy nostalgia of Japan

There's been a lot about Japan going on lately. In school, at home, in the news... News wise it isn't that great, but otherwise it's fantastic.

In school we're working on speeches in conversation class and I'm going to do mine about the side-trip we made to Kyoto while I was in Tokyo. This has me completely nostalgic at times. I have to look up the Japanese names for the shrines and temples we went to and I'll make a power point slide with pictures from the trip. I've also kept all the tickets and brochures so if I want to I can pass them around. I could make this really really great and impressive if I put my back into it. At the same time I just feel kind of... homesick :P In other classes too we often talk about experiences we had while in Japan and it doesn't help with the nostalgic dreamy feeling. This demands a picture bomb with fun pictures from Japan:
At home I've started watching doramas again. On Sunday I watched Daarin wa gaikokujin (My Darling is a Foreigner) which I really liked although the story wasn't that special. But I really did recognise many situations in the film. Like how the foreign guy reacted to Japanese words, expressions, kanji writings and customs. It was so much fun watching the movie and I'll probably watch it again :D
Then today I watched Aru Ai no Uta (Song of Love), which was a really cute romantic drama. Cute cause it was so innocent and sweet. But mostly I watched it just cause Matsuda Shota was in it and I've loved his work since I saw him in Hana Yori Dango and Liar Game.

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