Monday, 17 September 2012

Harry Potter Wizard's Collection!!!

Today was an awful day. Really really hateful to begin with it, then it got better. First of all I cried myself to sleep (as per usual the first nights after getting separated from Toni), but that wasn't until about 2.30am. At 8am my alarm went off and I forced myself out of bed. Spent the day feeling incredibly unattractive and still didn't feel like going to the gym to do something about it. Actually waking up today I considered skipping for the first time this semester, and it's just the third week!

Couldn't really concentrate on anything once I got to school. Did what I had to, but not much more than that. I had no energy. I had that pressure over the heart that comes every time after one of us has to leave. It's just there at the back of your head, doing nothing but bothering you, unless you think about it and the pain becomes almost physical. Anyway. Halfway through kanji class I got a text saying that I had a package to pick up at the post office. From Amazon. My Wizard's Collection. And that was that. After that text that was everything that was on my mind. So I went to pick it up immediately after school. The package was ridiculously heavy. After finally getting home with it my arms were shaking from the effort of carrying it all the way. But it was so worth it. Opening it was like Christmas. Couldn't stop smiling. So here's a picture bomb (some of the pictures aren't that great, I did tell you my arms were shaking):
I love the fact that all the discs are in books. It's so beautiful. And all those pictures and skecthes will definately end up on my walls after I move! There was a small book with labels from the movies, which I probably would have found a lot more entertaining some years ago. But I love the books, the pictures, the sketches, the box, the Slytherin locket (!), everything! It's awesome and I can't wait until I have time and means to watch through all of the new material.

I keep looking at it where it sits on the floor, and I keep smiling at it. I'm just that dorky.

And I love it.

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