Sunday, 23 September 2012

Skyrim, Smallworld, French and tea

So what's happened since Tuesday? Well, a few things. Except for studying and staying on track with my Japanese studies (I've been doing kanji like crazy) I've also recently finished my French dissertation for the second time. Fingers crossed it'll pass this time so I get it off my mind.

On Thursday I started playing Skyrim again. I'm still not sure whether that was a wise move or not, cause now I can't seem to stop playing... xD When I started again I was at level 9. Now I'm at level 16 and I'm hoping I'll gain level 20 before the weekend's over :P Although I still have troubles with some stuff, like a frost dragon kills me almost instantly and fullfledged mages are way too hard to kill, I've managed to kill my first troll and sabre cat :) Giants still kill me with one hit xD Lately I've focused more on sidequests as to improve my level before I try my luck at the main quests again. So I'm thinking I'll go back to Whiterun and improve my skills somewhat. Maybe imbue my armour with something and make a shitload of health and magicka potions! If I talk to everyone I meet in that town I'll soon have a huge heap of sidequests to do too... Too bad most sidequests end up being main quests after a while xD

On Friday we decided to have a boardgame night and started playing Smallworld. It was my first time playing that game but it was a lot of fun and I almost won! :D Beginner's luck? It wouldn't surprise me. I NEVER win at boardgames. That's just the way it is. If my mum was here she'd say: "Unlucky in games. Lucky in love." One can only hope that's true ;) Right now it feels that way anyway ^^ During the game I got to play Hill Amazons, Diplomatic Tritons and Heroic Trolls. I managed to get quite the empires both with my Amazons and my Tritons. Although the latter empire was compromised by Sorcerers and Flying Giants :P

During these few days I've also been drinking way too much tea. I'm almost starting to fear that my beloved strawberry flavoured tea will run out. I know the honey is...

What's to do the rest of this afternoon and evening? Well, I'm considering reading some in Best Served Cold or maybe writing a chapter... Before I have my laundry time and then it's back to Skyrim :)

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