Monday, 8 October 2012

Japanese, French, Skyrim, Abercrombie

So since last time I've ofc done a heap of schoolwork and there's more to come since next week is midterm! GAAAH! O_O But I'm feeling quite confident about half of them (two parts out of four): grammar and kanji. I'm less confident about speaking (since, you know, it involves talking in front of people) and reading comprehension. If there's just one kanji I don't understand it could ruin the entire thing. Thus, kanji practice is of highest priority!

Also, I've soon managed a passing grade on my French dissertation and all that's left now is a presentation and a resistant. And if I pass the resit in a month I'll be officially rid of French \^o^/

When it comes to Skyrim I've been way too busy gaming. I've been spending way too much time on that game. As of right now I'm level 31 and I'm planning on playing it tonight. Some things are still way too hard. I wish all the frost mages would use fire instead. I'm dunmer! I have a resistance to fire! Please, use fire on me!

But the big event of today was the signing I went to. Joe Abercrombie visited Sweden for the release of his new book, Red Country, and I took the opportunity to meet&greet and get his autograph in my brand new edition of Red Country. I had promised myself on beforehand that I wouldn't get flustered, but ofc I did. He asked me what I wanted him to write and my mind went totally blank. So I just told him that my favourite character was Glokta and he wrote the line that perfectly personifies him along with his own name.
Along with the new Abercrombie book I also bought the new book in a Swedish urban fantasy series that takes place in my hometown of Malmö. The author actually works at that very same store and she was there today so I got that book signed as well. Success! \^o^/ Felt kind of weird getting her to sign it. She's been working there ever since the store opened there and I've been visiting that store ever since then. We are on greeting terms and small talk terms, I'd call it well-aqcuainted. Because of that it felt kind of weird to me, but she was totally cool about it.

Now I'll go back to my dissertation for a bit and then I'll probably start gaming. I'll leave you all with this song that's been in my head for a few days now:
The English is somewhat faulty in places (not my translation), but at least it's understandable.

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