Monday, 7 October 2013

TV-series I'm currently following

I've missed a lot during these past two weeks, but there are so many TV-series going on right now!

Siberia just ended with a bang. It started out kind of slow, getting to know the characters, and then a lot of things happen. When the season finale ended I was gaping. If there isn't a second season I will be so sad!!! Cause things just got awesome. Realy, really awesome and really, really weird.

Downton Abbey's fourth season has just begun and although I've only seen the season premiere it's obvious that a lot of things will be happening this season. After the first episode I found myself shipping Mary with Tom, although I really can't see how that would work out. A lot of things will happen with Edith this season and I'm hoping that Rose will get a bigger role. I loved her past rebelliousness. I'm also wondering how far into the 20's this season will take us. It begins in 1922, and we all know about the Wall Street crash in 1929. That probably won't happen this season, though, 7 years is a bit of a stretch. I'm also starting to wonder when Violet will pass away. In a past season she talked about how they did things in the 60's (the 1860's that is) and if she remembers that, then she must soon be really, very old.

America's Next Top Model is on again and it's cycle 20. Both guys and girls and I'm loving it! Cory is my favourite and I'm hoping for a guy to win this cycle. I'm also hoping that this isn't going to be a one-time thing but that featuring guys in the competition will become something permanent.

The Walking Dead starts again this Sunday and I'm interested to know what happened to the Governor, how Carl will handle all the new people at the prison, and how Maggie's and Glen's wedding turn out.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started on Swedish TV last week and it's interesting, although I thought the first episode contained way too little superpowers/superheroes/supervillains. I hope there will be more of that in the future. Other than that - I love Skye.

Under the Dome also started on Swedish TV last week. It's produced by Stephen King, which is good enough for me, and I have a feeling I'll really like this series. I don't have a favourite yet, but I find mysef yearning for the reporter's hair every time I see her.

We have started to rewatch Heroes again and every time I do that I'm amazed by how awesome the first season is. I've missed Heroes and that series deserve at least one go-through a year! I actually think Claire is my favourite character for a whole lot of reasons. I also love Hiro and Micah.

We finished Doctor Who in August and now I'm excitedly waiting for the 50th Anniversary special. I also considering watching Classic Who, but I may wait a bit with that until I don't have a whole bunch of series. The last episode of season 7 gave so many hints to the 50th anniversary and I can't wait to know how the Mystery Doctor is. All I know is that 10th and Rose will be in it (yay!) along with 11th and Clara.

We're also watching the third season of Game of Thrones. Way too late, I know, but there was a bunch of other stuff :P Tyrion and Arya are my favourites, but I'm getting attached to Brianne too and I'm shipping her with Jaime ^_^

We haven't yet finished with the 6th season of The Big Bang Theory, cause other things got in the way (like Doctor Who), but now that the 7th season has started and we only had three episodes left from the 6th, I think we will soon.

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  1. I´m so exitet for both Downton Abbey, The walking dead and American horror story s3!


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