Sunday, 6 October 2013


So lately I've been in a sort of writing hype.

First of all I've been writing on my pirate story. The story is coming along nicely and it's still evolving in my head. As of right now it has evolved from being a stand-alone novel into a series. I don't know how many books it will contain but there will be a continuation of the story I have in mind right now. I think I'm more than halfway right now actually, but I'll have to see how the story turns out to really know. There are still a lot of details I'll have to add.

Secondly I've re-entered a universe that I created when I was 17. It's about a Japanese teenage girl that moves from Tokyo to Sweden and starts going to school there. The school is a bit special and during the school year there are strange things going on and this girl finds herself in the middle of it. This is also thought to be a series, but rather than having this girl as the main character of the series, the school is going to be the main ingredient. All the characters of the books will attend this school and all things happening will take place at that school. As of right now I have 5 books in mind, but the number may change. However I'm getting a pretty clear picture of the story of this Japanese girl. What I'm not sure about is whether I should make her story the first book or the last book, since the other stories in the series will take place before hers.

Thirdly I had a dream one night. A dream about a guy and a girl and this dream evolved into a story in my mind. It's pretty interesting cause this story is thus far general fiction. I've never written anything without a slight fantasy element to it. I don't yet know if this short story will evolve from general fiction into fantasy or if it even will evolve from a short story into a novel. Time will tell.

Fourthly I've started on a fan fiction. I've been spending way too much time on and I finally gave in and started writing my own. It's in the Potterverse and it's a love story between Snape and Hermione, my current favourite couple. I don't like fan fictions where Hermione and Snape date during her time as a student, so most of those I read take place when Hermione is out of Hogwarts. They haven't met for years and they have a random encounter and start to talk about things in a neutral manner as two adults. And then things evolve from there.

Fiftly I'm considering to re-enter and re-use and re-write one of the fantasy worlds I created as a teenager. This one would be almost entirely epic fantasy in a closed world. Something I've never really done before cause I find it hard to create an entire world and at the same time make it believeable.

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  1. I think the autumn is the most inspiring weather for writing!
    Even if I write all year around I just get overwhelmed of all the ideas I get this time of year x)

    It´s awesome with dreams as inspiration!


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