Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Expanding my family - The Sims 2

So for a little more than a week I've been constantly playing The Sims 2. Continuing on with the family that I've had for ages now. I looked it up on my blog and found out that I started this family back in 2011 xD Really didn't think that I'd had it for so long! O_o

Since last time I've managed to get my Evil Witch and a new Werewolf. The Evil Witch has also done her magic and brought me a Zombie :) So now I have one of everything :) Oh and one of my sims went on a mountain vacation and befriended Bigfoot. Then she asked Bigfoot to become part of her family so he's living with her family now. Although Bigfoot has no romantic options I'm planning on using some cheats to make him a father of a child with one of my female sims. Not just sure yet who'll be my victim :P

This is the current family tree:
My fifth generation is coming along nicely. Marissa and Maddox divorced cause Maddox was a cheating bastard (I had nothing to do with that, she flirted with guys on her own). Marissa remarried. My werewolf is married to the Wicked Witch and they have a daughter. I'm planning on having Tess marry Tetsuo, Mizuki will marry Yuuna and Nana will marry Susumu. The game doesn't count them as related anymore :) I'm also planning to let Anathema have a PlantBaby before she turns into an elder. If you're interested you can read the "Teague Family Chronicles" here:
The Beginnings - First and Second Generations
Second and Third Generations
Third and Fourth Generations
Fourth and Fifth Generations
 I keep these for myself to be able to know when and where I did things. Especially since sometimes I haven't played in a while and this helps me to remember where I was and what happened last :) Thanks to all my blogposts about this family I also have the ability to compare the family tree in different stages. That's a lot of fun, being able to see the past and dead family members as children and teens again :P
I'll also throw in some pictures of houses I've built and the current look of my neighbourhood. It has gotten quite large :) I try to have an image in mind every time I build a house, or all my houses would probably look the same - like the first one I built. But now I've built a huge cabin-house, a goth castle, a cute fairytale house, a house inspired by the sea and under the sea, a huge flat building made to look like a modern concrete and glass building, a house with weird angles and three floors inspired by Wonderland, and one house with a basement. The basement was the core feature and it's complicated building a basement in The Sims 2! I've also built a shopping centre, a cemetary, and a Japanese style house, but I have no pictures of these. You can see them a bit from above (in miniatures) on the neighbourhood pic.
But I think this is it for a while with The Sims 2. When I played it yesterday it just wasn't as fun as it was the other days. So I'll be taking another indefiniate break from the game. Now my fingers itch to play something else :3


  1. Åh va nice, älskar långa släktträd i sims x3 SPelade faktiskt nyss sims 3 och är förmodligen påpväg in i en simsperiod igen yupp, går verkligen i perioder det där xD

    1. Sims-spelandet går verkligen i perioder. Ibland är man helt fast en tid och sen efter ett tag så är det plötsligt dötrist :P

      Jag tyckte det var för stressigt att hålla koll på stora familjer i The Sims 3. Provade spela det en gång, men bara tre simmar blev ju hur mycket som helst xD


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