Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Recent readings

I decided to actually deal with my backload of unread books this year and I'm off to a good start.

In January I finished Lord of Souls by Greg Keyes. It's the sequel to The Infernal City. Both of them are books set in the Elder Scrolls universe, and I had a lot of fun reading them!

Then I read my first Swedish book in years. Read all about that here.

Now in March I've been on a roll this far. I read the fourth volume of Sandman and now I can't wait to get my hands on the fifth.

I also read the first book in The Undertaken Trilogy called Death Watch. I'm not sure how I feel about that one. It was painfully obvious that it was the prelude of a series and most of the time it felt slow. But at times I loved it and the excitement was on top! I'm still not sure whether I should get the second book of the trilogy or not. There's a risk the second book, Mistle Child, also will be a prelude to what happens in the third book, and also will be mostly slow. The third book isn't even available at the Sci-Fi bookstore and it was released last year :/ So if the second book also is a prelude then I won't be able to buy the third book easily to get the conclusion. But I have time to think about that. The first book did offer a sort of sense of completion in the end, so I can wait.

Yesterday I started and finished a Death Note novel. Death Note is an immensly popular manga that I read and loved years ago. I also bought that short novel years ago. It's only 200 pages so it didn't take me very long to finish it. Mostly I sat there aggravated that the main character was so painfully slow in realising things. I connected the dots way before she did and I just sat there reading and waiting for her to catch up. Not the best read I've had :P

Today I only just started with Steampunk Poe. It's a collection of the most popular Poe stories and poems accompanied by steampunk illustrations. I know steam technology hadn't even reached it's peak by the time Poe died, but I love Poe and I love steampunk. This book was just too good to pass up on. I've read a fair few of Poe's tales before, but I have no problem re-reading them. You can ask my Harry Potter books how I feel about re-reading ;)

All the while I was reading these books I was also reading short story after short story in Necronomicon. I'm not easily frightened, but reading At the Mountains of Madness was nerve-wrecking, to the point where I became paranoid and had to look over my shoulder after every paragraph to make sure there was no one there. I was listening to music while reading and the drums in the beginning of a new song made me jump. I also had trouble sleeping that night cause all I could think about was gooey monsters with tentacles yelling Tekeli-li. That was the first of his stories that actually affected me in a way I think horror is supposed to affect people. I bow to thee, Lovecraft. All due honour to you.


  1. Hade ingen aning om att Lord of souls fans. Jag måste ha!
    jag kollade på Deathnote animen fören del år sedan och gillade den starkt, inte haft så mycket kontakt med det sedan dess, synd att karaktären var för trög ^^
    Har inte kommit igång ordentligt med Necronomican, läst.. två noveler nu? tror jag, pinsamt nog. Men ser fram emot att läsa fler! Håller på och läser skräcknovelerna ur pretty monster just nu och har faktiskt inte bestämt mig för hur jag känner angående dem. Men det gör jag väl snart. Jag tror iaf att jag kommer att ha ett bra läsår! :3

    1. Lord of Souls är ju fortsättningen på Infernal City :o
      Jag hade höga förhoppningar på Death Note-boken, just för att i mangan brukade jag inte hänga med alls eller veta alls vad som skulle hända. Men det här var ju bara tråkigt :/
      Det är svårt att komma igång med Necronomicon. Men nu brukar jag försöka se till att läsa en eller två noveller varje vecka. Men det går trögt. Speciellt nu framåt slutet när alla noveller är runt 80 sidor långa -.- The Case of Charles Dexter Ward är över 100 sidor lång :P
      Verkar bli ett bra läsår för oss båda! ^^


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