Monday, 3 March 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta

So it finally happened. I've gotten completely and totally stuck on an MMO. Nerd points? I think so! This weekend was my third beta session for ESO, and I think it was the last before the game is released in April. This session we were also allowed to share our own screenshots and videos. Though they asked us to use hashtags. I don't use anything that uses hashtags (except maybe Facebook, but that doesn't count), but wth, from now on this whole post is #esobeta ;)

Since nothing went very well with my original character I decided to create a new one when I started the game again. Though I still chose the Ebonheart Pact so I have no idea whether you start somewhere else if you choose Aldmeri Dominion or Daggerfall Covenant. My favourites have always been Nords and Dark Elves. Though it would be cool to play something on the left side of the map, so if I don't get to keep my character after the beta I might go for Wood Elf or Imperial in the Aldmeri Dominion. Just so that I could maybe get to see Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr. Skyrim and Morrowind are great, and I feel so nostalgic running around in Daedric ruins at Vvardenfell, but it would be awesome to discover something new.

So for my new character I chose a Nord warrior. My original character had been a Dark Elf rogue, but while I played my rogue gradually turned into a warrior, so I thought I might as well just create a warrior to begin with. This time I knew more about the game mechanics and everything went better. On Saturday I created my character and got up to level 10. On Sunday I got to level 15. But after that I started to run into some problems. Al the quests I had were either bugged or not completely part of the beta. Meaning I could start them but not complete them, cause after a while when I was going to change scene I got the message "You lack the required permissions to transfer here", meaning the continuation of the quest wasn't in the beta :/ That was alright, but when I had about 9 quests and 5 of them were outside of the beta and 4 of them were bugged I felt a little annoyed. Though one quest got fixed before the session ended so at least I could finish that one xD

Some screenshots:
1). Cadwell. Crazy dude in Coldharbor. I like my crazy dudes, even better that he's British! 2). Balreth. The first encountered boss fight. 3). Cool scene from the past. 4). Molag Bal attempts to bring Nirn and Oblivion together. 5). Sheogorath! :D 6). General landscape of Morrowind: Pretty fields, Molag Bal and volcanoes. 7). My character as she looked when I closed down the beta last night

I've always had a thing for Sheogorath. He seems to have lost some weight over the centuries. He's much thinner in Skyrim than he is in ESO.
There also seems to be some quests in ESO that involves going to Sheogorath's realm. And now I'm not talking about going to Cheesmonger's whatever to kill Gutsripper and reclaim the tomes. There seems to be something more after that. Because I could start a quest that was going to take me to Sheogorath's realm, but I couldn't continue it cause it wasn't part of the beta...

I'm really looking forward to April...

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  1. IIIIH! Jag blev också helt fast denna gången, har bestämt mig för att köpa. Har inte varit mycket tvivel men myes. Jag har spelat som alla raser och jag tror inte detta är en större spoiler, men alla börjar med samma grej x3
    Så frustrerande när man inte kunde fortsätta questen D;< men yhe. Håller på med min post om det x3


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