Thursday, 30 October 2014

Comic Con Stockholm

Comic Con has come to Sweden! Technically, it's a mash-up with Gamex, but it's here! So we decided to go there today. It's in Stockholm this weekend and then in Malmö next weekend :)

The first thing I noticed when we went inside was the booth with mochi ice cream. Just like that I was in heaven. I didn't have a lot of money to spend so I decided to be careful.

We went around the entire place. It wasn't very big tbh. I had expected something like UppCon, which had three floors of stuff when I was there in 09. This was just one floor. Anyway it was a lot of fun walking around the booths.
 Crowd pictures from UppCon:09

I don't know a lot about comics tbh. I only just started out in the comic world a few years ago. Before that I was so much into manga. However there was enough Japanese/Korean manga/anime stuff that I felt up to speed. And there was so much Doctor Who! I was so excited when I discovered a volume of Prisoners of Time and then I was so disappointed when I realised they didn't have the first volume.

We walked around looking at stuff in all the booths and also looking at some gameplay in the different Gamex booths that were in the same hall. But it did annoy us that it was mostly 10 year olds who played the new Battlefield. The game is PG-18! You're not allowed to play it. GTFO. It was so much fun and such a flashback to UppCon watching people play Dance Dance Revolution. It was also interesting to see people play The Sims 4, Dragon Age 3, Witcher 3, Little Big Planet 3, Kingdom Hearts, and Assassin's Creed Unity.

But the stuff! I get excited about nerdy stuff and there was so much I wanted to buy. Cute alpacas, Gloomys, MyMelo, Mokonas, etc... Japanese sweets, a whole bunch of Studio Ghibli movies, half a library of graphic novels, art books, and comics, and a whole lot of Doctor Who, Elder Scrolls, Harry Potter, Death Note, One Piece, and Naruto merch. Basically, I wanted to buy most of the place. But in the end I let my Gaiman fangirl take over and I bought The Graveyard Book graphic novel vol. 1 along with The Sandman Companion. I haven't read the entire Sandman series yet, but I love what I've read and in-depth interviews with Gaiman and the artists behind it? Yes, please! The Graveyard Book graphic novel is new - released this year - and I've been excited about it since I read about its release. Mostly because I have read and loved the book.

I also decided to buy the first collection volume of Fables. Ever since I started playing The Wolf Among Us I've wanted to read the comics it's based on, but I haven't been able to find the beginning of it anywhere. So when I saw it I grabbed it.

After about 3 rounds around the hall we were pretty tired so we decided to grab our coats and leave for home. While the boys grabbed our coats I decided to buy a bunch of mochi ice cream. I was most interested in the purely Japanese flavours. One mochi for 25 and 5 for 100 (SEK) I decided to go for 5. Here are my flavours: Sakura, matcha, azuki bean, strawberry, and vanilla. I wasn't a fan of matcha when I was in Japan, but I thought I'd give it another go. Still didn't like it. I took only one bite out of it and was 'nope'. But the other ones were so delicious! Especially the azuki and vanilla ones :D Need to remember to check out Bubbies in Stockholm!

And I'll end with this one - Halloween and comics. Very appropriate for this post, don't you think? Then there's the fact that Amy Dallen is paramount for me to learn about the world of comics!

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