Friday, 3 October 2014

Currently on TV

Autumn is here and that means that a whole lot of the TV shows I'm following have new seasons. Here's what I'm following this autumn:

America's Next Top Model, cycle 21: I'm not a fan of reality shows, honestly. But with ANTM I just can't help myself. I've been watching this show since I was 15, and although it's not as good anymore I just can't help but keep following it. I love that it wasn't a one-time thing to have guys on the show. They're back for this cycle! I love that Miss J is back! ANTM without the Js just felt wrong. I don't have any clear favourites this cycle, though. The ones I like the most are Lenox and Will. I liked Romeo as well, because he was the odd one out and I tend to like the odd ones. I just wish he hadn't gotten that drunken temper and hit Adam. He'd still be there if he hadn't. But on the upside, Lenox wouldn't be around if Romeo still was...

Doctor Who, series 8: CAPALDIIII!!! Still love him. I don't understand why everyone seems to complain that he's too grumpy. I love his personality. I love how he's different from the other New Who Doctors and how Capaldi's Doctor is more like the Classic Who Doctors. My favourite episodes this far have been Time Heist and Into the Dalek. Listen was great but fell flat when the source of everything was revealed. That just ruined everything.

The Big Bang Theory, season 8: Penny changed her hair. She looks so grown up now. Not much has really happened in the two aired episodes yet, but I laughed my ass off this week when Howard was gonna make that pitch.

Downton Abbey, season 5: I feel so sorry for Edith. I hope the plan works out for her so she can be with Marigold. I'm not sure I like where the difference of opinion is taking Tom and Robert... And I'm not sure Mary will manage to keep it a secret that she snuck off on a sex trip with Tony... And I'm so shipping Mrs Hughes with Carson!

Grey's Anatomy, season 11: Maggie Pierce. She's good. I like that they gave her a whole episode to introduce her properly. Meredith is an ass to her, but she probably just misses Cristina. Who doesn't miss Cristina? I just hope Richard will find the courage to tell Maggie what he knows. I laughed out loud during the latest episode when Maggie burst out: "Is everyone in this room somehow related?!" and I was like "Yes. Yes, you are." I really like how she's becoming friends with Derek's sister (I can't remember her name). I think I'm gonna like this season. But Meredith needs to stop being cranky.

Once Upon a Time, season 4: Frozen has come to Storybrooke. I'm actually a little disappointed that they went full-out Frozen and not H.C. Andersen. But I'm gonna have to live with that. I loved Sven, but I'm not sure about Kristoff. I'm on team OutlawQueen so I hate Marian. And as per usual the big question after the first episode was: WTH is Rumple up to?!?
Some things never change.

The Vampire Diaries, season 6: DAAAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! T_T After the first episode of season 6 that's basically still all I feel. Still want to punch Stefan because I don't like him. I don't like the twins. Elena is moody. Tyler is back to his old aggressive self. Alaric is too mellow. Basically the only character I like is Caroline. I need Damon back.

Gracepoint, season 1: I love how they treat Gracepoint as a brand new thing, when it's just a remake of Broadchurch that screened last year. The first episode of Gracepoint wasn't as intriguing as the first episode of Broadchurch. Gracepoint seems to basically be Broadchurch without all the good parts :P Why is there even a need for an American remake? I watch it because Tennant is in it. Other than that I don't recognise any of the actors.

The Originals, season 2: Spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. I watched the first season earlier this year and was completely hooked. I really like Davina and Elijah is still my favourite Original. With Haley as a hybrid it's bound to be an interesting second season.

The Walking Dead, season 5: Next week! There was so much shit happening last season that I'm really excited about this one. Though I have a bad feeling one of the mains is gonna die... I'm almost scared to watch. As long as no one touches Glen&Maggie! Or Daryl. And call me crazy but I ship Daryl with Beth.

Otherwise there are a few other TV shows that I'm trying to watch along side these: Classic Doctor Who (currently at season 8), Star Trek TOS, Lost, Pokémon and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Currently. There's a long list of series I should watch so I have my work cut out for me :P


  1. Jag känner lite samma sak som dig anågende TVD. Damon är min favoritkaraktär, end i want him back. Men han kmr tillbaka, men man vet ju inte som vad, när, eller hur :O

    1. Att han kommer tillbaka på något vänster känns ju ganska självklart efter den där sista scenen mellan honom och Bonnie. Undrar var de är xD

  2. Åh, är du från Svedala? Det är ju på bibblan där som jag jobbar :) Vad märkligt! Men kul såklart :D

    1. Yup, jag är från Svedala :P Född och uppväxt. Världen är liten ibland xD Tror inte jag använt biblioteket där sen runt 2004 när jag i princip gått igenom hela dåvarande barnavdelningen och ungdomsavdelningen. De var så små :o Men vuxen avdelningen kändes läskigt stor och jag visste knappt ens i vilken ände jag skulle börja. Så jag började köpa böcker istället. Saknar fortfarande när biblioteket låg i kommunhuset. Det var mycket mysigare då ^^


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