Thursday, 17 March 2016

Game completed: Fallout 4

Man, I loved this game. It was amazing. I imagine this is what Fallout 3 would've been like if the game wasn't fucked-up and broken and forced me to rush through it if I wanted to play at all. Fallout 4 was perfection.

I had stayed away from hints and spoilers and trailers completely before I picked up the game. I was extremely confused when the game started and I found myself in 2077, before the bombs fell. But the rush to the Vault to get there in time before the bombs fell was exhilarating, and then realising that the pod I entered was cryo... Fuck, shit, fuck. And then waking up and watching my son get stolen from my husband's arms and him getting shot... Fuck, shit, fuck. Finally waking up, and realising that I'm the only one left in the entire Vault was extremely creepy. Then I got out of the Vault, picked up my old robot butler Codsworth and went on my way to Concord. Found Dogmeat on the way :3 Met the Minutemen at Concord and helped them out of their pickle. The new design of Power armor was badass (though I had to google how to get out of it, because I missed that info bubble). But why was there a Deathclaw in my first ever battle in the game?! That's not fair!

After I got the Minutemen to Sanctuary and joined them, I started to slowly travel down to Diamond City and by slowly I mean exploring every location I happened upon on the way. It took a while xD Joined the Brotherhood of Steel on the way. When I got to Diamond City I heard about the Freedom Trail and followed it all the way to the Railroad. And then I joined the Railroad.

Having joined every faction available to me at that time, I began my personal mission to complete every single side quest, misc quest and unmarked quest, as well as discover every location. It went really well :) I picked up every companion on the way and gotta say that my favourites are Nick, Hancock, Deacon, Cait, and Piper. Codsworth is cool too, but I dumped him as soon as I got Dogmeat, and then I dumped Dogmeat as soon as I got Hancock. My lovely Hancock ♥♥♥ I romanced Hancock :3

Out of all the side quests and misc objectives my favourites were: The One with the Chinese Submarine, The One with the Ship Stuck in a Building, The Silver Shroud, The One with a Kid in a Fridge, The One with Cabot House, The One with Pickman's Gallery, The One with the Museum of Witchcraft, The One with the Treasures of Jamaica Plain, and The One with Nick Valentine's Past.
1). The captain of the Chinese submarine. 2). The ship in the building
1). The Silver Shroud! 2). The kid in the fridge
1). Pickman. 2) The treasure room at Jamaica Plain

Out of all the locations in the game my favourites (mostly due to the back stories) were: Dunwich Borers, Boston mayoral shelter, Cambridge Polymer Labs, Jamaica Plain, Libertalia, Parsons State Insane Asylum, HalluciGen Inc, Hubris Comics, Swan's Pond, Vault 81, Diamond City, Goodneighbor, and The Slog.
1). Flashback scene at Dunwich Borers (yes, this is Lovecraft). 2). Libertalia
1). Entrance to Vault 81. This became my home. 2). Diamond City

When I had completed my personal mission I started doing the main quest. After meeting everyone and doing all their side quests I had decided on beforehand that I was going to side with the Railroad. So I followed their story and got inside the Institute, and that's when all the figurative bombs started to drop and I became seriously conflicted on whether I should go through with the Railroad's plan or dump their asses and join the Institute. But the more I went back and forth between them, the more I realised that I liked the Railroad's goal more. I had to ignore the feelings that being at the Institute stirred and focus on the quest. And holy shit the main quest got epic! Epic ending :3
1). One quest with my boys all together :3 Hancock, Deacon and Tinker Tom ^^ 2). The Nuclear Option

I played for all four factions (Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Institute) for as long as possible and I have created separate save files at the specific moments when I had to make a choice. All to make it possible for me to go back and experience the main quest another way but not having to play through the entire game again. I may do that at some point or other.

I'm also happy that I did take the time to play the two previous Fallout games, while New Vegas was hardly mentioned, Fallout 3 references popped up often enough. Everything from a certain little Lamplighter and a certain Rivet City doctor, to Liberty Prime and aliens. Then there's also the fact that Bethesda likes to re-utilise voices. The voice for Nick Valentine is also the voice for Belethor/Mercer/Enthir in Skyrim. The voice for Desdemona is also the voice for Legate Rikke in Skyrim. And then there's the fact that more than half of random unnamed NPCs in this game have the same voice actor as Garrus from Mass Effect.

This has been an amazing ride :3 I loved some of the new weapons available (like the Broadsider and the Junk Jet), and I loved how I could customize my armour. I hardly ever got out of my vault suit, I just modded the suit and the put armour parts on top of it. I never used a helmet, only different kinds of hats and by the end I really loved the look of my bowler hat :3

I'm really looking forward to the DLCs, first of which will arrive next week! :D

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