Monday, 16 October 2017

Dealing with backlog: Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

I played Shadowrun Returns back in 2013 and I absolutely loved it. A few years later Dragonfall was on sale on Steam and I picked it up. Now it's been a few years since I bought it, and it was finally time to play it.

I chose to make an elf streetsamurai. Just like I did last time. I even used the same character portrait. The story of Dragonfall was a lot deeper and well-developed than the one in Returns, and the characters were a lot more memorable. The only thing that brings the overall feeling of the game down is the dice-rolling combat. It kept screwing me over to the point where I actually had this scenario more than once: 97% chance to hit. Standing right in front of the enemy. With a shotgun. *miss* *facepalm* But apart from that the game was amazing.

Shit hits the fan almost immediately and then it's just a crazy ride from there. You're a shadowrunner who's called back on a personal favour from your friend Monika Schäfer. You're in Berlin which is an anarchic flux-state. The job was supposed to be easy. Just in and out, no big deal. But it all goes to shit and you find yourself in a real mess that seems to lead back to the Dragonfall decades earlier, when the dragonslayer Adrian Vauclair defeated the dragon called Firewing. To find out what is going on you decide to ask the best information broker in the world for help and she demands 50,000 nuyen in payment for her services. So you and your friends go out on a bunch of odd jobs to earn it all. All the while the Kreuzbasar is your home and safehouse.

When the money is all earned up you go to meet this information broker again, but turns out the information she turned up has her real scared so instead of showing up in person she puts it all on a datachip which is delivered to your character. This is when the revelations start to pour out. You find out who's behind everything, what he's done, what he means to do and how. And you can either choose to destroy his work or join him. If you're high enough in charisma and intelligence you can even talk him out of his own conviction and make him change his mind about what needs to be done. And as usual there are several instances where you choose whether to kill or save someone. And the ending can come about in several different ways.

Over the course of the game, you talk to your companions and find out their backstories, which leads to trust missions. Glory is my favourite out of all of the companions and her backstory was really interesting. I think I got the bad deal out of her trust mission, but I still love her, and I wanted to do more for her. I even got so far as to wishing they had romance options in the game.

When the game ended I was sad. I actually considered replaying the whole thing right then and there. I had so many questions. Most of them concerning Glory. And it makes me sad that I'll probably never see her again in any other Shadowrun game

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