Monday, 23 October 2017

Dealing with backlog: Original Tomb Raider and Fallout

I've never played the original Tomb Raider and when it showed up on sale on Steam I grabbed it, thinking I'd finally play through the origins of that whole franchise. The controls were a mess. Or ratehr a mess from a modern PoV (steering with the arrows and jumping with Alt wasn't at all uncommon in the 90s), and I couldn't find a way to change them. On top of that the PC version is run through DOS box (it's that old) and so there was no controller support. The wonky controls are what made me stop playing it. It was easy enough to start with, then came the first puzzle (open a gate with a lever, jump down, jump up, go through gate before it closes again), and the wonky and frankly nonresponsive controls made me too late every single time. I spent an hour there and then I gave up and uninstalled the game. So basically I never even got inside the first tomb :P

The original Fallout went somewhat better. Old school turnbased games work a lot better than old school action rpg-style games. There was a lot of trial and error. First time I almost lost all my health to cave rats just outside the vault before I figured out how to equip my gun and how to use stimpaks. Then I got attacked by radscorpions in the desert and died, more than once to them before I figured out how to use resource managment on my AP so I would maximise my shooting them before the round ended (seriously, who decided that opening your backpack would need 4AP when you only got 8AP, and one shot with the pistol costs 5AP?!). I got to the town of Shady Sands and immediately volunteered to help them destroy a nest of radscorpions. And I died again :P Then I found a companion in Shady Sands and together we went and destroyed the nest. We were welcomed back with open arms after destroying the nest. Then I thought I'd help them get rid of the raiders too before actually going out to find that water purification chip. But they killed me and I resolved to move on from the game. It's not bad and I sort of enjoyed playing it, so I'll just keep my save and return to the game later on. But for now I'll continue on my backlog.

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