Saturday, 27 January 2018

Germany 2018 - day one

Today we arrived in Cologne. We went by plane to Düsseldorf and then from there with the train to Cologne. From the terminal you take the sky train, which is like a normal train but the tracks are in the air like on a rollercoaster, to the Düsseldorg Flughafen train station. Funnily enough I had no issues whatsoever in using the machine to get three tickets from Düsseldorf to Cologne. Didn't even have to ask for help, felt like the DB ticket machine was pretty straightforward as long as I changed the language to English first.

We arrived at the same hotel as last time and I had almost the exact same room. We arrived pretty late so no fair for us this day, but after we checked in and unpacked we met up downstairs in the lobby and went out to eat. We were planning to eat on Fräu but due to the festival that's always happening exactly this weekend that place was full to the point of bursting so instead we went to Löwenbräu and started off our German cuisine with a schnitzel :P I also made a point of taking a picture of the amazing cathedral because that thing is so darn impressive I can't help staring at it every time we go past it (which will be every day).
 Interior of Löwenbräu to the left. The cathedral to the right.

After dinner we took a walk and then went back to the hotel. I spent some time reading and now it's bedtime.

See you tomorrow!

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