Monday, 29 January 2018

Germany 2018 - day three

Earlier start than yesterday because dad had an early meeting. I spent most of the day doing the same things as yesterday - following my dad around and not talking much. The most wtf moment was when we went to the display for brand new items and I found lollipops in the shape of fidget spinners! That's when you know a trend has gone too far...

In the evening we met up with friends again at Dominkaner and had another laugh at the bartender there. His mannerisms made him ressemble Mr. Bean and we had an ongoing discussion whether he was drunk or just really hated his job.

After several beers at Dominkaner we finally went to Haxenhaus and ordered up one metre of beer (three times during the course of the evening) and then I got my first introduction to Haxe. It was so delicious. Perfectly cooked pork that just fell off the bone. Nom!

After dinner we continued on to Papa Joe's, but that place was very different from last time. The bartenders were rude and the Germans were inconsiderate and kept trying to squeeze in between me and my group. So we decided to leave after only one beer - but we did get to hear the live band play Always Look on the Bright Side of life, which actually got some sing-along going among all of us.

We went past the cathedral on our way back and there was this stunning moment with the full moon shining between two towers. My picture doesn't do it justice.

We went by the train station to figure out which train we'd have to take to Düsseldorf tomorrow so we'd know when we'd have to leave the fair. Took a picture of that too just in case we'd forget.

And then we went back to the hotel. I thought about whether to pack now or do it tomorrow morning. But I'm so tired that I'll just do it tomorrow. Nighty!

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